Ritvij Kumar

A nature lover, "argumentative" person, I work as a Partner at Bikat Adventures and love to explore. Have Led many trekking expeditions including the Friendship Peak, Manali Khardung La Cycling expedition, Kanamo peak, Roopkund, Mantalai, Dayara Bugyal, Dharwa top, Har ki Dun, among others. Been saddling (on my Raleigh bike) for some time now and have claimed Manali Leh Expeditions twice, once unsupported and once as a lead cyclist. Being a certified mountaineer, I feel at home in the Himalayas. Last year I also got certified as a fun jumper in Sky Diving from Australia. These days, I am itching for something new... Lets see what comes my way..

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Latest Updates Generic Apply to become an Expedition Leader with Bikat Adventures
26 January 1996 | Ritvij Kumar

This is the central role for our company and there is no way to directly join us in this role from outside. We do not hire for this job from outside but the role is the next step for those hired as As

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Experiential Experiential Trekking Nag Tibba trek Nagtibba was a bit strange this time !
01 June 2014 | Ritvij Kumar

When I was boarding the Volvo on Friday night, 13th Feb, it was a normal feeling to start with but then I met people on the trek that were special individuals and the experience ended up close to a No

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Informative Knowhow Mountaineering Trekking Snowcraft Avalanches – Understanding the biggest wrath of snow
01 March 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

In the past few days, after an extremely saddening incident of deaths of our armed force personnel which was caused due to an avalanche, A lot was discussed in the media and somehow the whole accident

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Informative Informative Trekking Tirthan Valley Trek Laws of the Jungle : A Weekend Trek to Tirthan Valley
20 March 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

Any weekend trek starts with a thought of taking a break for people who have been to treks and experimenting with the world of trekking to the new comers. However, eventually what both type of trekker

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Informative Knowhow Trekking First Aid Mountain Illnesses
06 June 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

There are fewer areas in this information age where one finds more unidentified concerns than trekking, especially when it comes to High Altitude trekking. Have seen friends looking at their fingers

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Informative Knowhow Trekking First Aid 5 mistakes that most trekkers make!
16 July 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

The trekking community is getting mature by the day and thankfully not all of us need to learn the way our previous generations did...by making mistakes! Sharing with you the top five on my list (inci

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Practicing Safety Announcement Bikat Eligibility Criteria
21 August 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

How do you know whether you make the cut! First & foremost, we are not judges of your ability! The ratings are only prescriptive. Adequate or lack of preparation can change everything for actual

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Informative Informative Travel Options Goecha La Trek How to travel to the base camp of Yuksom?
07 October 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

Yuksom, a town that was the first capital of Sikkim, is the base point of the much-coveted Goecha La trek. A largely non-commercial settlement located in the west of Sikkim, this town

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Experiential Experiential Trekking Har ki Dun Trek Har Ki Dun : River, Mountains & the Magic of Valleys
17 November 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

The Magic of Har Ki Dun Valley   I have been on this trek twice, in 2011 & 13, and both times during the last week of Dec. This is a 4-day trek, starting from Taluka and ending at the Har K

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Informative Opinion Trekking Fake Notion of Adventure
10 December 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

I love definitions and hence will start with one, that of Adventure. 'ad-venture' literally means taking risks but when we talk of adventure travel, then it’s not about driving drunk on the highway w

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Informative Opinion Informative Trekking Chandrakhani Pass Trek Brave survival of 7 students on the Chandrakhani Pass
14 March 2016 | Ritvij Kumar

Before the panic begins and trekking gets termed as “extremely dangerous”, let’s try to see what exactly happened at the Chandrakhani pass between 11th and 14th March 2016.A bunch of

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Informative Knowhow Trekking First Aid Acclimatization is not equal to 55 tablets of Diamox plus 20 liters of oxygen!
14 May 2016 | Ritvij Kumar

Fresh air and thus Oxygen has become so scarce on plains that people have begun to get scared without even going into the mountains. High levels of PM 2.5 and PM 10 in the city air has deposited carbo

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Experiential Informative Experiential Trekking Friendship Peak Trek Feeling strangely peaceful @ Friendship Peak… ..Was it in the name?
20 June 2016 | Ritvij Kumar

BikatSo the journey started. Every time I sit in the bus to the starting point of a trek or expedition, I feel as if a Start button has been pressed. The preparation typically begins many days in adva

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Informative Valley of Flowers – The trip that was not supposed to happen!
04 October 2016 | Ritvij Kumar

Kindly note that my write up here is completely personal. As a Trip Leader, what I did or said during the trip (with group members) is not reflected here at all. The write up totally not about what ha

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Informative Knowhow Trekking Cycling Tours 10 Mountain features that must be a part of any trekker’s vocab!
25 March 2017 | Ritvij Kumar

MOUNTAIN FEATURES THAT MUST BE A PART OF ANY TREKKER’S VOCAB!   While the terminology used in mountaineering is decently complex but the features that I am going to talk about are mostly

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Informative Informative Travel Options Leh Travel Options From Around Leh
28 March 2017 | Ritvij Kumar

  How to reach Ladakh!   Leh is a place that has become extremely popular these days because of a simple fact that it is like a key to the lock named Ladakh. Ladakh is such a wonderful de

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Informative Informative Trekking Valley of Flowers Trek Valley of Flowers – Trek or Yatra?
19 June 2017 | Ritvij Kumar

Valley of Flowers - A do it yourself Itinerary   Have you also been seeing those amazing pictures of the flowers and craving for the valley of flowers? Don’t worry! There are so many

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The Opinion Corner Opinion Trekking Packing List Never Offload your rucksack - Its not just UNCOOL but also UNSAFE
06 July 2017 | Ritvij Kumar

Trekking is not a leisure activity and one should never think of it as so. Many times, trekkers who come for the trek offload their rucksack on the mules because they are afraid of carrying so much l

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Informative Knowhow Catching AMS is easier done than said!
02 October 2017 | Ritvij Kumar

Catching AMS is easier done than said! Don’t you feel so? AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) approaches everyone and unfortunately worst affected are the most experienced ones. They feel that they

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Experiential Plane to Plains - The journey is short!
30 March 2018 | Ritvij Kumar

Red lights on - Helmet off, goggles on, helmet on Yellow Light on - All set. Final equipment check. Green Light on - Approach the open gate of the plain and take position. Check-In&n

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Informative Informative Trekking Har ki Dun Trek Adding to the Untold Legends of Har Ki Doon: Complementing Geography with Mythology
07 November 2023 | Ritvij Kumar

The name of the valley literally translates to valley (doon) of the Gods or Shiva (Har). Is it then a surprise that everything about the Har ki Doon Valley is intertwined with mythical stories fr

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