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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Not just a trek but a journey to the source of River Ganga


Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Max Altitude

Uttrakhand , 8 days

46 Km

Max 15

14500 + 5% GST
Gangotri to Gangotri

Add ons

Transportation Cost (to be paid on the spot)

DDN to Gangotri
Gangotri to DDN


(Shared by 5-6 trekkers)


(Shared by 11-12 trekkers)





Available Batches

Brief Description
Location: Uttrakhand
Altitude:4460 m
Duration:8 Days
Opposite the triple-peaked Bhagirathi massif, and at the very foot of the once regarded Indian Matterhorn, Mt. Shivling, the location of the trek lends as much to its popularity as does the pure beauty of the expanse of the lush green meadows of Tapovan and the pure magic and energy of Gaumukh.

Gaumukh Tapovan trek is not just a trek, it is a journey. It is a journey not only for its sacredness and travel through the holy land filled with stories on every corner, but also because it is the source of Ganga- the ferocious river which is on a 2700km long journey of its own to nourish an entire nation with its raw power and sacred energy. Gaumukh is regarded as the mouth of this powerful river and the place where it starts its all-encompassing voyage. Tapovan has a significance of its own. With the magnetic energy of the place at the foot of some of the most reverential and indomitable mountains of the Garhwal range, each of which hold a special place in our age-old mythology, remains a place of choice for the spiritual yogis to go into long-term meditation despite the harsh conditions of the altitude. It also forms the base camp for some of the most difficult climbs in Garhwal Range of Himalayas like Mt. Shivling and Mt. Kedar Dome.

Starting from the holy mountain town of Gangotri, the trail for this trek is a stunning assortment of landscapes from the lush forests of Chirbasa to massive open grounds of Tapovan.

Going into the Greater Himalayas, the trek snakes through the confines of Gangotri National Park and takes you to a maximum altitude of 4,463M to experience some of the most heart-stopping beauty and puts you right in front of the full face of Shivling and the Bhagirathi sisters. You don’t just see the peaks but experience the full force of these mountains as you see them rise from toe to head in an unobstructed and nothing short of an inspiring view. What’s even better is that it is an uncrowded and minimally explored trail which reserves its beauty only for a few who make it there. The best time to do this trek in pre-monsoon season is between April and June and for post-monsoon season from September to October. Stay on this page for more information on the trek.

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Day 1

Make your way to Gangotri (3,415M)

The trek begins from Gangotri which is a mountain city on the banks of River Bhagirathi and is known to be the origin of the holy River Ganga. Located in the Greater Himalayan Range, legend says that this is where Goddess Ganga descended when Lord Shiva released the river from the locks of his hair. This holy city which lies at an altitude of 3,415M is a 245 km drive away from Dehradun – the closest city with an airport.

If you have signed up with Bikat for a drive from Dehradun to Gangotri, the day starts early. Everyone assembles at the meeting point by 7 in the morning so we can start our long drive up to Gangotri, a holy mountain city in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Although there’s nothing more on the agenda for today other than the 8-9 hour drive, it is better to leave as early as possible for two reasons:

One, so we can reach as early as possible and give our bodies enough rest for what’s coming the next day. And, two, roads on the mountains are unpredictable and it is always better to account for delays when we start. It is also better to reach before it gets dark.

Day 2

Gangotri (3,415M) to Chirbasa (3,600M) - 9 km

Today is our first day of the actual trek. We start early after an early breakfast. We will be walking towards Gomukh, the snout of Gangotri glacier. Our destination for today is Chirbasa which is at an altitude of 3,600M and means home of pine in the local language – no points for guessing what kind of trees you are likely to find en route to Chirbasa which will take us 4 hours to get to. The entire trek up until Chirbasa is alongside the roaring Bhaigrathi River whose refreshing spirit is likely to keep the spring in your gait alive all the way through.

Day 3

Chirbasa (3,600M) to Bhojwasa (3,775M) - 5 km

Bhojwasa in the local language literally translates to the home of birch trees. A view of the very impressive Bhagirathi range of peaks follows alongside. There is a dramatic change of scenery after Chirbasa when the trail starts to get barren and desolate. Since we covered a major part of the distance yesterday, today is not an overly heavy day. Expect to reach our campsite by the river by lunchtime. The mesmerizing sunset over the spectacular Bhagirathi range is a perfect view to end your day with.

Day 4

Bhojwasa (3,775M) to Tapovan (4,460M) via Gomukh (4,025M) - 14 km Trek

Today is the big day. We wake up to the majestic view of the Bhagirathi range of peaks and head out for our next campsite after an early breakfast. We will be crossing the snout of the glacier that we saw glimpses of on our way yesterday. We will be walking alongside our companion, River Bhagirathi, till we get to Gomukh. Gomukh, which curiously translates to the mouth of the cow, was named so by sages of the yesteryears for its appearance. Gomukh is known to be the source of Ganga and where it originally begins its long journey through the many regions it flows by. We spend some time exploring the region around Gomukh after which we head on toward Tapovan - one of the finest high-altitude alpine meadows in the area. The trail from Gomukh onwards is one on moraine-rich glaciers. The view of the surrounding peaks starts to get wider and wider as the trail from Gomukh to Tapovan gets steeper with every step forward. Tapovan, known for its gorgeous meadows encircling the base of Shivling Peak, is a beautiful campsite bustling with many freshwater streams and an assortment of wildflowers scattered across its floor. Herds of Bharal (blue mountain goats) running up and down the mountain ridges with magnificent views of Bhagirathi I, II, and III in the background, is a common sight here. Is it any wonder why Tapovan remains one of the most preferred spots for spiritually inclined people for their long periods of meditation? We can try some of that as we set up camp here for the night!

Day 5

Tapovan (4,460M) to Bhojwasa (3,775M) - 6 km

We trace our steps back through the familiar territory to get to Bhojwasa.

Day 6

Bhojwasa (3,775M) to Gangotri (3,415M) - 14 km

We give Chirbasa a skip on our way down and head on directly to Gangotri.

Day 7

Gangotri (3,415M) to Dehradun (640M) - 245 km

The day is a long drive back to Dehradun. Expect to reach Dehradun by early evening and plan your journey ahead accordingly.

Day 8

Reserve Day

In case of bad weather or other difficulties which might set us off schedule during the course of the trek, Day 8 is set as a reserve day. This will only get used if unexpected and unforeseeable conditions present themselves at the last minute preventing us from reaching our destination as planned. If the buffer day is used, you have to pay Rs. 2,500 per day (INR). The amount will be collected by the Trek Leader.

What's Included
  • Camping during the trek
  • Veg Meals as per menu on all trek days
  • Gaiter, Micro-spikes, and Helmet as required
  • Trek Permissions Fee, if any (Upto the amount charged for Indian nationals)
  • First aid medical kit including oxygen cylinder
  • Experienced Guide and Support staff
  • Mountaineering course certified Trek Leader with First Aid certification
  • 2 Nights Hotel Stay in Gangotri
What's Not Included
  • Portage of personal bags during the trek
  • Cost of any kind of Travel Insurance.
  • Any Expense of personal nature.
  • Any Expense not specified in the inclusions list.
  • Meals during road journeys

Packing List

This is a list of essential items for individuals doing the trek with Bikat Adventures. This list contains only those items which the participants are required to bring with them. The list excludes those items which are provided by Bikat Adventures on the trek. We have divided the items into five categories. All the items in the list are essential except for those marked as optional.

Trekking Gear

  • Ruck sack bag with rain cover. Qty -1
  • Day Pack Bag - Recommended for treks with summit day
  • Head Torch with spare Batteries. Qty -1
  • U V protection sunglasses. Qty -1 Here is how you can choose the best sunglasses for trekking.
  • Water Bottles: 2 bottles of 1 liter each


  • Non-skid, deep treaded, high-ankle trekking shoes Qty -1
  • Pair of light weight Slipper/Sandals Qty -1


  • Quick Dry Warm lower or Track Pants. Qty - 2
  • Full sleeves T-shirts/ Sweatshirts. 1 for every 2 days of trekking
  • Pair of thick woolen socks. 1 pair for every two days of trekking
  • Thermal Body warmer Upper & Lower. Qty-1
  • Undergarments. Qty - 1 for every day of trekking
  • Warm jacket closed at wrist & neck .Qty-1
  • Full sleeves sweater. Qty -1
  • Rain wear ( Jacket & Pants ) . Qty-1
  • Pair of waterproof, warm gloves. Qty-1
  • Woolen cap. Qty-1
  • Sun shielding Hat. Qty -1


  • Personal toiletries kit (Small Towel, Toilet paper, paper soap, Bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cold cream, etc.)
  • Sun screen lotion small pack. Qty -1 Here is your Sun Protection 101 to stay safe in the bright sunny outdoors.
  • Lip Balm small pack. Qty-1


  • Small size, Light weight & Leak proof lunch box. Qty-1
  • Plate. Qty- 1
  • Spoon.Qty-1
  • Tea/Coffee (plastic) Mug.Qty-1


  • Camera (Optional)
  • Carry your medicines in plenty in case you have any specific ailment. Consult your doctor before joining the trek.
  • Dry fruits, Nuts, Chocolate bars (Optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have done a small trek of 2-3 days before Gaumukh Tapovan trek and hiked to an altitude of more than 3000 meters.

  1. Jog/Run for 4 Kms in 35-40 mins or Walk continuously for 8 Kms (with 3-4 small breaks) on plain terrain (slight incline is better) - - You would be required to produce a screenshot from a fitness app testifying the same
  2. Hold your breath for 25-30 seconds
If you are not meeting these benchmarks, please use the preparation schedule to improve your fitness till you achieve the above benchmarks.

  • Know campsite basics like how to use a sleeping bag, sleeping tent, toilet tent.
  • Ascending & descending technique for mountain trails
  • Basic mountain mannerisms
  • Ascending & descending on snow
  • Basics of Mountain Sickness
  • Basics of Mountain Hazards
  • How to cross small water streams

Gomukh Tapovan trek is not just a trek, it is a journey. It is a journey not only for its sacredness and travel through the holy land filled with stories on every corner, but also because it is the source of Ganga- the ferocious river which is on a 2700 km long journey of its own to nourish an entire nation with its raw power and sacred energy. Here, you don’t just see the peaks but experience the full force of these mountains as you see them rise from toe to head in an unobstructed and nothing short of inspiring view. What’s even better is that it is an uncrowded and minimally explored trail that reserves its beauty only for a few who make it there.

The best time to do this trek in the pre-monsoon season is between May and June and for the post-monsoon season from September to October.

The start point of the Gaumukh Tapovan trek is Gangotri. You can catch a bus to Gangotri from the Pahadi bus stand in Dehradun, near the railway station. In order to get a taxi, you must reach the Rispana Pull (Bridge) by bus. You can get a regular taxi to Uttarkashi from here. The drop point of the taxi that takes you to Uttarkashi is the pickup point for the taxis further to Gangotri. You can easily get seats in the taxis at a minimal price of INR 200- 250 per person.

The mobile connections are available till Gangotri. There will be no mobile reception after this point.

Uttarkashi is a beautiful tourist point with many places to see. Visit Vishwanath Temple, the oldest and most sacred temple located on the banks of Bhagirathi River. Kuteti Devi Temple is another highly regarded religious place in town. Manekari Dam is a concrete marvel of Uttarkashi. Experience the village life in Sangem Chhati, a half an hour drive from Uttarkashi district. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is also located in Uttarkashi. Gangotri is also an ancient town of utmost religious importance to Hindus.

The minimum age limit is 13 years. However, minors aged between 13 to 17 should be accompanied with their parents or guardians. If you are above the age of 60, kindly carry a medical certificate from your doctor that deem you fit for adventure activities like trekking.

We will stay in a guesthouse at Gangotri and camp during the rest of the trek.

We use four-season tents and the sleeping bags we use are rated from -15 to -20 degree celcius.

Toilet tents will be provided to you on the trek.These are portable toilets tents where a deep pit will be dug. A shovel will be provided inside the tent to cover the waste after you have made your business. You can take a toilet roll inside. Make sure you dig used toilet paper along with the waste. Though water is recommended in place of toilet paper. Please refrain from using wet wipes as they are non-biodegradable.
There will be no facility for bathing on the trek. Go through our blog section for tips on how to maintain personal hygiene on treks.

You will be provided with good quality gaiters and microspikes from us depending upon the situation of the snow. Our trek leaders will also be carrying ropes and ice axe.

Vegetarian food will be served throughout the trek. The only non-vegetarian item served on our treks is eggs. Our kitchen staff follows a proper menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which has been designed in order to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the participants.

You can rent following items from us- Trekking Pole, Trekking Shoes, Fleece Jacket, Rucksack.

The temperatures during the daytime are pleasant around 15° C, but at night the temperature can drop close to 0 °C.

The final traces of snow can be seen till mid-May along the trail.

If you want to offload your rucksack, you will have to make a request for offloading a few days prior to the trek through an email so that arrangements can be made in advance. You will be charged per day for offloading your rucksack.
In case you decide to offload on the spot, you may have to pay a higher price than usual. However, offloading your rucksack is not recommended since it is not a safe practice.

A team of participants will be led by a course-certified trek leader and a local guide. All participants are requested to abide by what their leader says. There will also be a team of kitchen staff and porters on the trek. We maintain a 1:8 ratio of trek leaders and participants. All our trek leaders and staff have certified training in first-aid and rescue operations.

Yes, a trekking pole is necessary. If you don’t want to buy one, you can rent it from us on minimal daily basis charges. Visit:

Dehradun has a sufficiently large market. However, do not leave anything for last minute buying as there will be no time for shopping because of immediate transportation to Gangotri. Gangotri is a very small town and it would be difficult to find anything major there. Minor toiletries are available.

Yes, it is absolutely safe for solo women to travel in fix departures. Women on the trek will be sharing tents with each other. In case you are a single woman on the trek, you will be given a separate tent.

Yes, e-certificates will be given at the end of each trek provided that you completed it. It will bear your name, the trek, and the maximum altitude you achieved on the trek.

We will arrange reserve taxis from DDN to Gangotri and back from Gangotri to DDN. Check the "transportation cost" add-on above for the additional cost. The vehicles will leave DDN at 0700 Hrs and reach Gangotri by 1500 Hrs. On the way back, the vehicle will start from Gangotri at around 0900 Hrs and reach DDN by 1700 Hrs. The timings may change due to road condition/Char Dham yatra rush. The same will be communicated to you in your whatsapp group.

On the last day you will reach DDN by 1700 Hrs. We advise you to keep at least a 3-4 hrs buffer in your further travel plan.

ID Proof (Soft Copy to be sent to us in Advance & original to be carried) and Medical Certificate (Soft Copy to be sent to us & original to be carried) are the mandatory documents required for the expedition.

Why Bikat?
Small Group Size

Our batch sizes are capped at 15 for smaller treks with the trek leader and trekker ratio of 1:8. This ratio, in our years of experience, has proven to deliver the best trekking experience for individuals as well as groups. Capping the size of the group ensures individual attention to each trekker so that no signs of distress or need during the trek go unnoticed. It also helps to form a more cohesive cohort with better group energy which helps define the rhythm and pace of days on the trek.

As you go higher up on the BRS scale, since the stakes are higher, expeditions have an even smaller group size with the ratio of expedition leader to climber set at 1:2.

Qualified Trek Leaders

We follow a rigorous regime of hiring and training our experts in the field. Each trek leader is a certified mountaineer with years of experience in the field. In addition to their qualification, they also go through practical and situational training to tackle any and all kinds of sudden conditions that may present themselves on the ground. Being unpredictable is the core nature of the mountains but being ready for any circumstance as best as possible is a controllable asset that we try to nurture.

Our field experts are also trained in basic medicine and first-aid response.

Watch: Forerunners - The Making of A Trek Leader At Bikat Adventures

Guided Progression

Since Bikat Adventures is a learning-based organization, we help you climb up the ladder of difficulty within the sphere of outdoor adventure systematically. Our on-ground training modules are designed to handhold you through the upskilling process so that you are ready to take on bigger challenges.

Equipment Quality and Check

All the gear used on our treks and expeditions is tried and tested, maintained for good quality, and is overall top-notch in quality and condition. We are continually looking to obtain the best of everything there is in the market so as to ensure optimum safety.

Support Systems

Along with the staff you see on-ground, we have a team of superheroes working in the background to give you the best experience possible. Our background team also comprises local staff from each area who know the region best. Having local support helps with studying the area, pre-planning, execution, and in receiving timely support in case of emergencies in these remote locations.


Our on-field staff is in constant contact with our teams based in primary locations so as to eliminate any avoidable delay in reaching additional help and support when required. We try to use the best tools for communication available, including satellite phones, in regions where they are not restricted.

Cancellation Policy
Cash refund

Cancellations up to 30 days prior to departure date

Cancellations between 30 days to 15 days prior to departure date

Cancellations within 15 days prior to departure date

Voucher refund

Cancellations up to 5 days prior to departure date

Cancellations within 5 days prior to departure date

Please Note:
  1. Cash refund is applicable only in case of bookings made without using any promotional offer code or vouchers
  2. This is only a brief of cancellation terms. For finer details please refer Detailed Cancellation Policy.
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