Why do we exist?

Our motto is Learning based Adventure!

Adventure is a field having endless boundaries because adventure is all about exploring the unknown! Now, there are things that we don’t know yet but others have already explored and there are others that no one has explored. Real adventure is to venture into the unknown and we love to do that. All ideas invited. The best way to prepare for that real venturing is to keep learning while attempting the ones that have been explored before. So, we focus on that and while doing that we try to keep giving you the next level in whatever you love to do..

We have been doing this for more than 4 years now and currently offering Experiences in Trekking, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Biking (Cycling) in the Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Ladakh, & Sikkm) and Delhi/NCR.

What do we strive everyday for?

1. That You Try, You Learn and You keep attempting the next challenge.

Your individual experience is paramount to us. We maintain your profiles, create new experiences for you, and ensure that an experienced & certified Leader is always accompanying you to ensure your learning. Your trials, learning and victories are the biggest rewards that we wear proudly up our sleeves.

2. That You become part of Strong teams

We mandate small teams for any expedition / trek /event that we organize. This is critical for making a team out of acquaintances or strangers. All our expeditions are designed in a way that people work together for all the objectives of the event and come back with strong bonding.

3. That we remain Human & Keep our logic, feelings, and humor alive

We are particular about protecting the environment & community that we interact with on any of our events. For eg. when you go for a trek, it’s important not just to reduce plastic waste generation, but also to optimize the exploitation of natural resources, respect and in fact learn from the local communities & their ways of living in these terrains. This is exactly why we insist on staff accompanying the group to be treated as members of the team, never focus on luxuries that result in unnecessary usage of extra mules/waste generation on any of our events.

Hmm… Why should I try Bikats?


1. You are the center of gravity for us

2. Your Safety is Our biggest commitment

3. Your Learning is Our bottom-line

What does your team look like?