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Informative Opinion Informative Trekking Chandrakhani Pass Trek Brave survival of 7 students on the Chandrakhani Pass
14 March 2016 | Ritvij Kumar

Before the panic begins and trekking gets termed as “extremely dangerous”, let’s try to see what exactly happened at the Chandrakhani pass between 11th and 14th March 2016.A bunch of

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Informative Opinion Trekking How Trekking Can Build Real Teams for Corporates
28 December 2015 | Sushant Singh

With the ever evolving parlance of group efficiency, team building training programs stare high on the growth agenda. Almost every corporate integrates team strategy into the business model to achieve

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Informative Opinion Trekking Fake Notion of Adventure
10 December 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

I love definitions and hence will start with one, that of Adventure. 'ad-venture' literally means taking risks but when we talk of adventure travel, then it’s not about driving drunk on the highway w

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Informative Opinion Cycling Tours Cycling: A Dying Hobby among Teenagers
01 December 2015 | Sushant Singh

Remember those reckless, cheering cycle races to school in the morning? The joy rides on nice roads or a jet speed pedaling to a friend’s house,with a contrasting drag, angry ‘pushed by mom’ travel to

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Trekkers' Blogs Opinion Trekking Maggi – The Lost Love of a Traveler!
22 June 2015 | Priya Meghwal

Schooling, hostel life, rush days, snacks, celebrated moments, painful times, killing the boredom, the first streak of culinary independence, traveling, and many more hungry junctures of a typical Ind

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Trekkers' Blogs Opinion Trekking Women Informative 7 Benefits Of Women Trekking Alone
22 May 2015 | Sheetal Pawar

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature." - Helen Keller . The words by the first ever deaf-blind women who earned a bach

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Informative Opinion Trekking Women Has Increasing Gender Balance On Treks Added New Dimensions To Trekking ?
09 April 2015 | Girish Kumar

If you read about trekking history, it is mostly associated with solitude, wilderness, risk taking, and similar so called ‘masculine’ traits. However, with all the know-how, internet sharing, professi

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Trekkers' Blogs Opinion Trekking 5 Surprises You Should Expect On A Trek
23 March 2015 | Sheetal Pawar

Finally you are going for the trek you have been planning since long time and as part of your preparations you have read all articles about proper diet and proper fitness before trek. You have infact

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Trekkers' Blogs Opinion Trekking Women How Women Can Be Better At Trekking Compared To Men
01 March 2015 | Priya Meghwal

Trekking is usually the first and the most repeatedly pursued adventure activity, especially among young adults, both men and women. However, just like any intense physical activity, the capacity of w

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