Nitn Sharma

A nature lover, a trekkie, a photographer :) Read more

Girish Kumar

I love exploring mother nature in all its forms. I am a keen Cyclist, Hiker & a Novice Kayaker. Curr Read more

Ritvij Kumar

A nature lover, "argumentative" person, I work as a Partner at Bikat Adventures and love to explore. Read more

Priya Meghwal

An Engineer by profession and an adventurous soul by nature. Have a dream to explore all the hidden Read more

Sanchi Bhatia

Hailing from Delhi,Sanchi is a Delhi School of Economics graduate. She loves travelling. Nag Tibba w Read more

Sheetal Pawar

No doubt I am craziest person I have ever met. I have the audacity to imagine the most biblical and Read more

Bikat Adventures

Hi! Bikat Adventures is a learning-based Adventure Organization. Our endeavour is to make the out Read more

Himangi Singh

I have not been everywhere but its on my list. Read more

Kush Sharma

An engineer by qualification Kush left his well paying job in an IT company & started his own ventur Read more

Gagan Jyot Kaur

Gagan works with Teach for India as Corporate Relations Lead - North . Her area of work is building Read more

Shayoni Mazumdar

Commonly referred to as shy, Shayoni is not exactly so! Adventure fascinates her and she often dream Read more

Anurag Patnaik

Working in Gurgaon for an FMCG multinational company. Painter by birth, Anurag is fond of running an Read more

Sahil Gulati

Sahil Gulati is on a mission to visit all the states of India before 30. Apart from visiting 12 stat Read more

Avinish Shankdhar

I have always been fascinated by nature. In fact my favorite subject in school was geography and I d Read more

Neha Sharma

I am an IT Consultant by profession and a travel freak by choice. Having an urge to travel to the mo Read more

Richa Tyagi

Richa is a Tree Hugger, Tea drinker and a part time Yogi. She loves dogs and cries every time she wa Read more

Anil Jo Thomas

Scared and intimidated thinking about the fact that I'm going on a trek. Don't know how my brother c Read more

Piyush Das

Long time ago in a small town of midland Orissa,a child was born to middle class parents.At the time Read more

Varun Singla

Varun is an avid trekker. He works with GSK as Area Business Manager (Sales). He's multifaceted pers Read more

Sapna Roy

My life is mostly about two things – traveling and sleeping. So when I am involved in any other acti Read more

Tanmay Kumar

I'm Tanmay Kumar, currently a student in Delhi University. Despite living in the capital, I have a l Read more

Aditi Vijayan

Aditi is a member of the species Homo Sapien who likes to trek but likes it more to blog about it af Read more

Sushant Singh

A mountaineer, cyclist & rock climber by passion, i am currently working as a partner with Bikat Adv Read more

Pavan Jain

A passionate salesman with a traveler heart. I dream of settling in the Himalayas and set up an orga Read more

Lakshay Gumber

A city child in love with raw and rustic Himalayan life and culture. Stuck in city and corporate lif Read more

Rahul Arora

Rebel. Wanderer. Foodie. Travel Fanatic. Writer. Believer. Outlandish. Blogger. Dreamer. Shutterbug. Read more

Shreyas Patil

Civil Engineer, Trekker, Loves to explore new places. Interested in Astronomy. Wants to become a suc Read more

Archie Jain

An IT person by profession, a yogini by passion, a poet by agitation and a hiker by choice. Himalaya Read more

Shagun Parashar

Shagun is a lawyer by profession. She loves reading & travelling to lesser explored destinations. Read more

Prashant Singh

A research scholar by profession who love to do "Mann ki Baat" in his free time at local tea shop. Read more

Pankaj Deshwal

Pankaj is a crazy adventurer and a certified Pilot who has always wanted to fly free. An engineer by Read more

Aditya Gupta

A software engineer (web technologies) at work, turned trekker by bikats, who challenges himself by Read more

Asheesh Malara

Asheesh is a marine engineer. After years sailing experience he is now settled in Gurgaon. Hailing f Read more

Chaitanya Shah

A part time sailor and a full time wanderer. When not traversing the oceans, i am planning my next a Read more

Yashodhan Gandage

A mechanical design engineer by profession & An IIT Kanpur aluminus, yashodhan's heart lies in Hima Read more

Manu Khandelwal

An engineer and a travel passionate. I love trekking and taking bike road trips. I like sharing my t Read more

Saaransh Bansal

A number cruncher and a mountain lover Read more

Suryansh Atri

Nothing intresting about me but my treks will dig deep into your bones. Read more

Shyam Trivedi

PhD scholar by profession, trekker, traveler and sports lover. Read more

Kriti Gupta

Dream in my eye, to see the world before I die. There is a forever, non satiating ticklish feeling o Read more

Mayank Bansal

Traveller, Adventurer Read more

Rahul Gupta

To me Heaven on Earth IS Exploring on a Trail :) Read more

Tushar Agrawal

An ardent traveler having peaked mountains across the globe. Want to learn and grow with nature. Bel Read more

Vikas Sreevatsa

Passionate Skiier , Mountaineer and adventurer with urge to explore the unexplored. Read more

Atul Nigam

I Feel small... But so are Stars from a distance....!!! #Travelling #Cooking #Trekking Captu Read more

Noor Vaishnav

IT Consultant, who likes travelling and trekking and loves Himalayas. Read more

Pratik Shaha

Dream, learn, strive, travel, explore, achieve, love and live.... Read more

Alagappan Ramasamy

Engineer by Profession - backpacker by passion - writer by interest. Read more

Hartej Chhatwal

Traveller Trekker Banker and a Footballer.. Hi friends I will like to share my travel experience Read more

Utkarsh Mishra

Treks: Nag Tibba, Indrahar Pass, Triund, Satpura Range, Kutla Glacier, China Peak Trips: Shimla, Read more

Vikas Jain

Wandering Vintage Soul, Trekker, Runner, Foodie, Dreamer, Mobile Photographer, Artist, Storyteller, Read more

Cambria Sawyer

Hello (or "Howdy," as us Texans sometimes say)! If you haven't guessed by now, India is not where I Read more

Kratik Mehta

By profession, I hold the most common degree of the world working for the most common business secto Read more

Tiru Ch

A software engineer by profession and a travel freak by heart. I walk, I run, I climb, I slide. I c Read more

Kannan Kasturi

Trekking enthusiast and travel writer Read more


There are many ways that I would describe myself, fiercely independent, driven, sarcastic, protecti Read more

Neelam Khanduri

While traversing the black and white I found wild is my color. Insta Handle: @mywildernessdiaries Read more

Prakash Yadav

"you don't see me" - John Cena Read more

aditya bikram

i like to believe the mountains give us a reason to believe . I am a writer who happens to have amb Read more

Ratan Jaiswal

Traveler,Reader,Writer Read more

Prabhat Singh

Once a stereotypical Indian middle-class lad, I graduated as an engineer and began my career by sell Read more

Maithreyee Oruganti

"Ordinary girl on an extra ordinary journey" A software engineer by profession and a young adventu Read more

Cambria Sawyer

Hello (or "Howdy," as us Texans sometimes say)! If you haven't guessed by now, India is not where I Read more

Vivek Thakur

A care free person who cherishes new experiences, bitten by the travel bug lately. Honest and down t Read more

Saurabh Rane

Physiotherapist, Public health professional, Individual consultant working for healthcare system str Read more

Susan Nivia

Life can get very monotonous at times, so I'm always on the lookout to break the monotony and make m Read more

Dhaarna Kukreja

Heart of a writer. Soul of a gypsie. Read more

Srinivasa Prasath

I am a traveler, trekker who is passionate about adventure and travel photography. I am addicted to Read more


Cyclist, Traveller, Adventurer Read more


Myself Pavan Kirtikar from Mumbai. Currently in services with the aviation industry. I am a nature l Read more

Shiva Srinivasan

I am a lawyer by profession and a traveler and adventure enthusiast by heart. I am an avid trekker, Read more

Pooja Dhiman

I am a solo backpacker, a muay thai boxer and a mountain goat. I quit my job in April 2016 to go see Read more

Rachit Joshi

I'm a traveler of both time and space Read more

Mayank Gupta

I am an engineering student trying to explore this world as much as possible. Read more

Sandeep Bhat

A wireless communication researcher. When I am not on the arduous climb up towards my research, I co Read more

Akhil C Jose

Being a professional photographer,travel is always an inevitable part of my job.I’ve been travelling Read more

Saikat Mazumdar

Though its quite tough to define me in such few lines, I will try to use some hashtags which will Read more

Suvasini Raghavan

Just another person who travels Read more

Anupam Chaubey

Hi Guys! My name is Anupam Chaubey. I am 22 years old and have recently graduated from my engineerin Read more

Vamini Sethi, a banker by profession, biker by passion. Read more

Damanjeet Singh

Writer, Traveler, Marathon Runner, Read more

Ishan Patel

Just graduated from NIT Surat. I would describe myself as a wanderlust, mountain person and I love Read more

Aragorn R

Hi I am ....! I am pursuing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering. I believe 'Adventure is worthwhile'. Read more

Mohit Anand

Traveler. Foodie. Photographer. Outgoing. Optimistic. Travel Blogger. In love with Stars, Sunrise an Read more

Priyanshu Mukerji

I am an adventure enthusiast and have enjoyed mountaineering, snow skiing, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, P Read more

Kalyan Oruganti

An Assistant Professor in a Central University who teaches Sanskrit Philosophy recently bitten by th Read more


I am a mountain lover who cannot be separated from mountains for long. Having trekked across Ladakh, Read more

Jayati Adhikary

I'm a working woman, married with one nine years old daughter. I'm addicted to travelling, specially Read more

Aman Khattar

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a Read more

Martin Byrne

I was born in England and have lived in NSW Australia since 1993. I have a partner 4 children and 4 Read more

bhima simha

Avid nothinger Read more

Swati Joshi

23 Engineer Read more

Abhinav Agarwal

Have Multifaceted interests, but trekking and photography tops it all... Read more

Sarthak Madan

I work with Bikat Adventures as an expedition leader and technical content writer. Sometimes, I fly. Read more

Harsh Vardhan Singh

Friends-Food-Travel Read more

Rishi Jain

I believe in experiences over possessions. Currently pursuing my Masters at JNU (no, we are not anti Read more

gayathri venkataraghavan

Gayathri Venkataraghavan is a professional Carnatic musician.She loves nature and her travel takes h Read more

dr manav verma

I am a dentist by profession and traveller, artist by passion. Read more

Abhinav Temani

Hills.. Rains .. Cafe.. Cookies.. Music. That's me at my fullest. Avid trekker, Aviation enthusiast Read more

Kriti Gupta

Quit my 5 years of IT Job to live my dreams. Happy Exploring !! Read more

sonal katyal

An Academician by Profession who loves to shares thoughts and experiences on travel , food , lifesty Read more

Anurag Shrotriya

A Mechanical Engineer by profession. Traveller, Gardener & Photographer by hobby. Read more

Kiritika Jyotshi

A Computer Engineer by degree but a travel and adventure lover at heart. Sharing my travel experienc Read more

Amit Bhattacharjee

Trekker and a writer. Read more

Joy Mandhotra

A renegade engineer. Breaking social constructs, exploring places, riding new adventures and discove Read more

Chaitrali Ghodke

An architect and an avid writer my passion lies in travel, food, adventure, music and mountains. Read more

Bikat Exploration Team

We are Bikat's Exploration Team! Our job is to find new routes, trek them and document what we find- Read more

Rohini Kitture

An explorer, on the voyage of exploring places, things and various aspect of personalities she comes Read more

Justin Mathews

Another Modern Day Nomad with a passion for new and old. Read more

Pranav Harish

An enthusiastic traveler and trekker who found his calling in the Himalayas. Read more


A government employee. But the hearts are always out there in the mountains. Started with the Wester Read more

Blog Editor at My Baggage Read more

Jagpreet Singh Sodhi

A travel enthusiast, I am a qualified mountaineer with Basic & Advance Mountaineering Courses from t Read more

Itika Roy

A Nature Lover and a writer by heart! and will love to bring about a change in the world through the Read more

Indrajit Hazra

I am an expedition leader and an explorer with Bikat Adventures. I used to run my family business as Read more

Akansha Chand

Being a jounarlism student, I enjoy expressing myself through my words. Sharing my adventure stories Read more

Abhishaik Sud

On an endless quest to explore, I document new trails and lead treks for Bikat Adventures. For more Read more

Kanishka S

Kanishka is a part of the Content Team at Bikat Adventures. She holds a Masters in Development Studi Read more

Ellie Coverdale

Travel and lifestyle writer Read more

Rohit Mishra

Expedition Leader at Bikat Adventures. Read more

Katrina Hatchett

Katrina Hatchett is a lifestyle blogger at Academic Brits with a particular interesting in the art o Read more

Amit Singh

I’m an orthopedic surgeon , mountains are my second home Read more

Yash Soorma

Avid trekker Nature Photographer and Engineer Read more

Ashwin Muralidharan

Dreamer, listener, and a curious soul. I indulge influence and leave my impressions behind. If y Read more

Bhoomi Yadav

I am pursuing an MBA degree while simultaneously engaging in activities that I love! Read more

Shaurya Karanbir Gurung

On-Field Writer at Bikat Adventures Read more

Sakshi Sehajpal

Management Intern at Bikat Adventures. Keen on exploring facets of lifestyle and travel. Read more

Neeti Singhal

A psychologist, a developmental researcher, and a constant seeker of stories, Neeti is usually found Read more

Narayana Acharya

An Orthopaedic Spine Specialist practicing in a small town with a passion for travel & outdoor activ Read more

Prajjwal Rawat

Graphic Designer at Bikat Adventures, Prajjwal loves the fact of how a still visual can speak a thou Read more

Deepak Kapri

Mountain lover Read more

Asha Konnayath

A person who is spontaneous and adventurous. Interests include writing poems, reading, watching movi Read more

Geethanjali Jujjavarapu

Lawyer by education, Geethanjali loves travelling and documenting her travels through photographs an Read more

Sumedha Mukherjee

Adventurer, dreamer. Mountains became my muse when I was 15 and enrolled in an adventure course at I Read more