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Hello (or "Howdy," as us Texans sometimes say)! If you haven't guessed by now, India is not where I was born, but I am finding my home away from home here trekking in the Himalayas and working as a Content Writer for Bikat Adventures. "What good is living the life you've been given if all you do is stand in place?"

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Experiential Informative Trekking Har ki Dun Trek Crazy is a Good Thing : What the Mountains did to me
03 May 2017 | Cambria Sawyer

We trek so that we can go a little crazy. After all, who willingly gives up their time and precious breath to go wheezing up a mountain's incline, showerless and devoid of our precious internet- all t

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Experiential Deo Tibba Base Camp: A Healing Trek
30 June 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

It’s not exactly a secret that trekking is good for you. Those sore legs are a sign of a workout well-done, the pure Himalayan air soothes the lungs and there’s no denying that the week aw

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Experiential Junargali at Roopkund
23 July 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

The view from Junargali atop Roopkund. Absolutely stunning.

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Informative Legends Untold of Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek
25 July 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

Okay, here’s the deal. Trekking in India blows trekking in the United States out of the water. Before you get any kind of ideas like ‘wow, this chick really doesn’t like her country

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Informative A Secret Itinerary: What Lies Beyond Deo Tibba Base Camp
25 July 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

We are all mountain-lovers here, so I’m going to be completely honest with you, because that’s what you deserve- so here goes nothing: Mini Chandratal, visited on Day 4 of the Deo Tibba B

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Experiential Rediscovering Strength: A Story of Deo Tibba Base Camp
27 July 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

Let me preface this with a note: To everyone who has ever suffered from an injury- I don’t care how small- and has or is working through it, this one's for you. This blog is also for Deo Tibba B

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Our Book of Adventures My Friendly Enemy: The Kang Yatse II Experience
07 August 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

How do you describe something that is indescribable? Honestly, I’m having issues beginning this blog. To be fair, after any trek, I find it difficult to convey to people back home how wonderful

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The Opinion Corner Stok Kangri vs. Kang Yatse II: The Verdict
09 September 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

Stok Kangri Vs Kang Yatse Expedition   You’ve heard of one, but probably not the other. We are about to change that. Stok Kangri has, for years, been the “it” trek in Ladakh

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Informative Tell the World Your Trekking Story
11 October 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

Every trekker has a story. After all, there's a reason we keep coming back again and again to the mountains- personal struggles are overcome, miraculous sights are witnessed and lifelong connections a

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Experiential Experiential Updates Climbing Mountains with our Eyes Closed
02 November 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

Do you ever lay in bed after a huge day, with all your lights off, staring up at the ceiling that you can’t actually see because its too dark and go over the last 24 hours of your life? You kno

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Informative Informative Five Things Every Solo Woman Traveller Should Know
21 November 2018 | Cambria Sawyer

There will be no sugarcoating in this article- traveling solo as a woman is invigorating, weird, terrifying and a whole host of other adjectives. Society glorifies it, but people still seem surprised

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Informative Informative These 4 Campsites of Miyar Valley will Leave you Speechless
10 January 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Himachal Pradesh is infamous for its trails, and why wouldn’t it be? Rupin Pass, Patalsu Peak, Hampta Pass - the list of legendary treks goes on and on, but there’s one thing they’ve

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Informative Informative Why Miyar Valley is the Perfect Trek for Beginners
13 January 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Why Miyar Valley is the Perfect Trek for Beginners!   So your friend went on a trek. Suddenly their Instagram game is on fire, they can’t stop talking about how transformative it was to

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The Opinion Corner Informative Everest Base Camp versus Annapurna Base Camp: How to Choose
17 January 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Everest Base Camp Versus Annapurna Base Camp   Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp, the two treks many outdoor enthusiasts carry on their bucket list for years, hoping to one day join the

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Informative Informative 5 Tips for Trekking in Nepal
19 January 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Nepal Trekking Tips   A goldmine for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, Nepal sees a massive number of visitors each year from every corner of the globe hoping to get a glimpse of some of the world

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Informative Informative Trekking Annapurna Base Camp: A Complete Guide
21 January 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Trekking Annapurna Base Camp: A Complete Guide   The trek to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) has several obvious perks. Besides being an absolutely stunning journey through the best that the Him

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Informative Informative Digar La: The Best way to see Ladakh
23 January 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Alright, I’ll keep this simple. You wanna see Ladakh? Trek Digar La. Allow me to elaborate. So you’ve always wanted to visit Leh, take in the mountains a bit with a nice hike, check out

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Informative Informative Debunked: Octopus Attacks Sheep on Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
15 March 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Want to know a secret? Kashmir Great Lakes, one of India’s most famed trails for its beauty and turquoise waters, has a dark side. Or so legend states. The Legend of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

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Informative Informative What Makes the Kashmir Great Lakes so Blue?
16 March 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

You have seen the photos of the glittering Kashmir Great Lakes, and if you have not, you are missing out. Anyone who visits these waters comes back raving about their vivid, cobalt blue color, the gre

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Informative Informative Trekking Everest Base Camp: 10 Things I Should Have Known
19 April 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Everest Base Camp - a name that draws thousands each year to visit its historic trail, witness some of the world’s tallest mountains and test their endurance. It has been a dream of my own for y

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Informative Informative Everest Base Camp's Secret Detour: Gokyo Lakes via Cho La
23 April 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

There has always been something about treks that return the same way they came that irks me. Of course, any day spent hiking is a good one, but days where the trail is one I haven’t been on befo

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Our Book of Adventures Experiential Meeting Annapurna: The Road to Base Camp
29 April 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

This is a tough blog for me to write, because it’s about my last trek with Bikat Adventures. Working and trekking with Bikat for the last two years has taken me on a whirlwind through the India

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The Opinion Corner Experiential Informative Why I Liked Annapurna More Than Everest
07 May 2019 | Cambria Sawyer

Semi-unpopular opinion: Annapurna Base Camp is a better trek than Everest Base Camp. I know, I know… what?! Don’t get me wrong, no one can argue that Everest Base Camp isn’t the m

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Informative Informative Informative Skiing in India: A Complete Guide to Where, When and How
30 November 2023 | Cambria Sawyer

So you’ve decided you want to trade your hiking boots out for some skis. Good choice. Turns out, skis were used even before the 18th century as a way for Scandinavian farmers, hunters and warri

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