Tell the World Your Trekking Story

Cambria Sawyer

Last updated: 11-10-2018

Every trekker has a story. After all, there's a reason we keep coming back again and again to the mountains- personal struggles are overcome, miraculous sights are witnessed and lifelong connections and memories are made.
We want to hear about yours.
Have an extraordinary tale to tell from your time on the trail? Now's your chance! We are on a search to find the best, most touching stories and share them with the trekking community.
If you think your experience is one people should hear, fill out this 30-second form with a brief pitch of your story. If it is one we'd like to share, we'll get in touch with you soon to craft your story and highlight you as an author to the Bikat Community.
Pitch us your story here: Share Story

Cambria Sawyer

Hello (or "Howdy," as us Texans sometimes say)! If you haven't guessed by now, India is not where I Read more

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