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Last updated: 05-03-2015

Trekking Essentials - A complete list


This is a list of essential items for individuals doing the trek with Bikat Adventures. This list contains only those items which the participants are required to bring with them. The list excludes those items which are provided by Bikat Adventures on the trek. We have divided the items into five categories. All the items in the list are essential except for those marked as optional.


1. Ruck sack bag with rain cover. Qty -1

2. Day Pack Bag - Recommended for treks with summit day

3. Head Torch with spare Batteries. Qty -1

4. U V protection sunglasses. Qty -1

Here is how you can choose the best sunglasses for trekking.

5. Water Bottles: 2 bottles of 1 liter each


1. Non-skid, deep treaded, high-ankle trekking shoes Qty -1

2. Pair of light weight Slipper/Sandals Qty -1


1. Quick Dry Warm lower or Track Pants. Qty - 2

2. Full sleeves T-shirts/ Sweatshirts. 1 for every 2 days of trekking

3. Pair of thick woolen socks. 1 pair for every two days of trekking

4. Thermal Body warmer Upper & Lower. Qty-1

5. Undergarments. Qty - 1 for every day of trekking

6. Warm jacket closed at wrist & neck .Qty-1

7. Full sleeves sweater. Qty -1

8. Rain wear ( Jacket & Pants ) . Qty-1

9. Pair of waterproof, warm gloves. Qty-1

10. Woolen cap. Qty-1

11. Sun shielding Hat. Qty -1


1. Personal toiletries kit (Small Towel, Toilet paper, paper soap, Bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cold cream, etc.)

2. Sun screen lotion small pack. Qty -1

Here is your Sun Protection 101 to stay safe in the bright sunny outdoors.

3. Lip Balm small pack. Qty-1


1. Small size, Light weight & Leak proof lunch box. Qty-1

2. Plate. Qty- 1

3. Spoon.Qty-1

4. Tea/Coffee (plastic) Mug.Qty-1 


1. Camera (Optional) 

2. Carry your medicines in plenty in case you have any specific ailment. Consult your doctor before joining the trek.

3. Dry fruits, Nuts, Chocolate bars (Optional)

Here are a couple of tutorials on What & How to pack your rucksack for your upcoming trek from our experts:






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