Piyush Das

Long time ago in a small town of midland Orissa,a child was born to middle class parents.At the time of his birth little did the couple realize that they did not have a child..they had a phenomenon. Experience him here !! ;)

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Trekkers' Blogs Experiential Trekking Hampta Pass Trek Solitude ki maa ki aankh - hampta pass trek
10 June 2015 | Piyush Das

I prefer solitary treks. I prefer walking alone. That being said I prefer company of likeminded people who do understand that. The hampta-pass trek kind of underlines the fact that no matter how weird

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Trekkers' Blogs The Tale Of Panwali Kantha Trek
11 April 2018 | Piyush Das

Six guys ,one long bus trip to Guttu and a late start to the trek is not really the most auspicious start to a trek that’s expected to trod some heavy snow! But then with a homogenous group ther

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