Akhil C Jose

Being a professional photographer,travel is always an inevitable part of my job.I’ve been travelling to places all over india since just before my graduation.This period of my life made me realize how important a part of my life,travel is;that i’m capable.Talking about mountains,they just make me stare at them,big or small,drawing life to an unexplainable direction.I am a passionate adventure lover that I would never miss that part of my life that builds my soul.

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Trekkers' Blogs Experiential Trekking Milam Glacier Trek MILAM ”SUFFER PHILOSOPHICALLY”
31 July 2017 | Akhil C Jose

It was just before dawn when we recalled for the seventh time that we haven’t got a single hour’s sleep. It broke our hearts to set foot on the Himalayas in the morning with a soul trapped

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