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Pankaj is a crazy adventurer and a certified Pilot who has always wanted to fly free. An engineer by education, Pankaj is also a Partner at Bikat Adventures.

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Know How Knowhow Trekking Mountaineering Packing List How To Select A Rucksack ( Part 1: Common Errors Of Rucksack Selection )
04 March 2015 | Pankaj Deshwal

You have signed up for an upcoming trek or a hike! Excited you must be. First thing that comes to your mind, to buy or not to buy a bag - A Bag? We’ll call it Rucksack/sack from now on.

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Know How How To Select A Rucksack ( Part -2 : Knowing Your Requirements Beforehand Can Help You Select A Better Rucksack )
11 March 2015 | Pankaj Deshwal

Before you go to the shop and buy a rucksack you need to freeze your requirements first. Your options are endless and so is the price. Points below will help you zero-in your requirements.

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Informative Informative Trekking Panwali Kantha Trek Why Panwali Kantha Is A Great Late Winter Trek
12 March 2015 | Pankaj Deshwal

The 3 colors of Panwali Kantha - A Thar in Himalayas Panwali Kantha is a must do trek in winters or springs. This trek can easily be done on extended weekends. Except Nag Tibba this is one of the clo

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Informative Manali Leh Cycling Expedition Cycling Through Sarchu
16 March 2015 | Pankaj Deshwal

On the 5th day of Manali Leh Cycle Expedition you cross Baralacha La Pass. After crossing the pass you come across this flat road through green patches of grass.The road which is mostly sloping downw

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Know How Knowhow Trekking Mountaineering Packing List How To Select A Rucksack ( Part 3 : Understanding Construction And Material Of A Rucksack )
18 March 2015 | Pankaj Deshwal

When selecting a rucksack its construction & structure play a very important role. Primarily the construction and structure of a sack should take care of three things

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Know How Knowhow Trekking Packing List How To Pack Your Backpack
31 March 2015 | Pankaj Deshwal

All of us pay a lot of attention in selecting a rucksack or for that matter any specialized item like hiking boots, ice axe etc etc. When we have done so much research on internet to get that awesome

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Know How Knowhow Trekking Preparation How You Can Prepare Yourself For A Hiking Trip
02 April 2015 | Pankaj Deshwal

Hiking trips are physically demanding and require certain amount of preparation. Although your overall attitude makes all the difference on any rigorous activity like hiking but preparation helps a lo

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Informative Informative Trekking Nag Tibba trek Why Nag Tibba Trek Should Be Done In 3 Days
08 November 2023 | Pankaj Deshwal

Nag Tibba has been a winter favorite in the trekking community for quite some time now. There are various reasons for this. Proximity to Delhi is one of them. An overnight journey to Dehradun and an a

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Informative Informative Trekking Nag Tibba trek 5 Reasons Why Nag Tibba Is A Great Trek For Beginners
13 November 2023 | Pankaj Deshwal

You've been hearing the word ‘trekking’ for quite some time now, whether through Bollywood films or on social media. Finally, you've decided to take the plunge and embark on a small trek t

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