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How To Pack Your Backpack

All of us pay a lot of attention in selecting a rucksack or for that matter any specialized item like hiking boots, ice axe etc etc. When we have done so much research on internet to get that awesome ruck sack its time we learn how to use a rucksack so that we get the maximum out of it & how to pack a ruck sack properly is one of the first thing we should learn. Just to make it easy to remember let’s call it ABC of packing. A- Accessible, B – Balanced, C – Compact.

A- Accessible – Start stuffing your sack bottom up with items which you won’t need during the day like sleeping bag, warm jackets, body warmers etc. Keep items like rain coat, first aid kit, gloves, snacks & energy bars at readily accessible place like outer pockets.

B- Balanced – Good balance is all the more important on a hike. So your sack should be packed in a way that it aids in maintaining balance. Stuff lighter items at the bottom, the heavier items in middle and the lighter items again at top. Also for the middle portion keep the heavier items close to your spine so that your center of gravity is in correct location. Never leave a dead space in a sack because if that stuff of yours’ start moving inside the sack it can throw you off balance. There should be no relative movement between the items you have packed. Fill in the dead space with clothes or any other soft items you have eg your socks.

C- Compact – It’s easier said than done but try to minimise the surface area of your stuffing. For example avoid taking the packets of those wafers, Dorito's in your sack instead take dry fruits.

How To Pack Your Backpack

How To Pack Your Backpack

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