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How To Select A Rucksack ( Part -2 : Knowing Your Requirements Beforehand Can Help You Select A Better Rucksack )

Pankaj Deshwal

Last updated: 11-03-2015

Before you go to the shop and buy a rucksack you need to freeze your requirements first. Your options are endless and so is the price. Points below will help you zero-in your requirements.

Duration of immediate and coming hikes you have planned

. 2/3 days trek – 45 ltrs is sufficient

. 4/7 days hike – 60 -70 ltrs

. Longer Expeditions – 80 ltrs

Climatic conditions to be encountered en-route

. If you are going for a hike in higher Himalayas or Andes with ever changing weather you got to have a sack which can survive intermittent rains ,UV rays and sub-zero temperatures.

. If your hikes are going to be limited to more milder climatic conditions you don’t necessarily blow up your money on smart materials.


. Everything trickles down to money, if you have never trekked earlier and just want to try it, simply borrow a bag from one of your friends.

. Sacks are available in market from INR 1500 and goes up to INR 30,000. So it’s important to narrow down your requirements.

Mandatory Requirements of a sack

. First and foremost a sack should be able to endure the extreme forces and rigorous terrain.

. Should be able to endure the weather conditions of a trek.

. Should be comfortable to wear.

Now that you know what your requirements are, next thing that will help you zero in on right sack for yourself is knowing the basic construction and material of the sack.

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