Chaitrali Ghodke

An architect and an avid writer my passion lies in travel, food, adventure, music and mountains.

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Trekkers' Blogs Don't miss these on your way to Roopkund
15 September 2018 | Chaitrali Ghodke

Hikers! I've done my share of treks. I did the Chandrakhani Pass to get away from the monotony, that was my life and it sufficed the purpose. I tip toe-ed on the 20 cm wide path of the steep rock on m

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Trekkers' Blogs Why you should Travel in Smaller Groups
31 May 2019 | Chaitrali Ghodke

Travel In Smaller Groups   Hikers! I’ve traveled in a small group, I've traveled in a medium group, I've traveled in a large group AND I’ve traveled with what practically felt like

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