Alagappan Ramasamy

Engineer by Profession - backpacker by passion - writer by interest.

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Trekkers' Blogs Informative Trekking Roopkund Trek Unrevealed Mystery of the Beauty
13 June 2017 | Alagappan Ramasamy

Hello, Ms. Roopkund! You live at 16000 feet above sea level, smiling beautifully at whoever comes to see you, playing riddles with whoever tries to reveal your secrets and showing only what you want u

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Trekkers' Blogs Journey to the Mystery Lake.
09 December 2017 | Alagappan Ramasamy

“Everything in life starts off as an idea” – Movie Inception. Planting idea in other’s head is the concept of the movie Inception. Same way when we plan for Himalaya trekking,

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