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Bhoomi Yadav

I am pursuing an MBA degree while simultaneously engaging in activities that I love!

Articles by this Author
Informative How to make the most of the Long Weekends this 2021?
11 March 2021 | Bhoomi Yadav

A list of long weekends and the treks and mountaineering expeditions you can attempt during those weekends. Did you know that almost every month of 2021 has been blessed with one or more long weekend

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Know How How to tie shoelaces so that they don’t come undone on their own?
19 April 2021 | Bhoomi Yadav

Most of us have probably been tying shoelaces since we were five. And it is likely that many of us have also had our laces come undone often. This can be a pesky issue to encounter on a trek/expediti

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Know How How to loop laces through the metal buckles on your trekking shoes?
19 April 2021 | Bhoomi Yadav

Did you know looping the lace in different ways around the metal buckles on your trekking shoes can alter the fit and relieve certain pressure points on your feet?  

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Informative Know Your Tent
19 June 2021 | Bhoomi Yadav

Nothing but a good tent gives you a home in the wild. Depending on how one plans to spend their time outdoors, there are a range of tents custom made for the journey such as Dome tent, A-Frame tent, G

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Informative Different types of Tent
22 June 2021 | Bhoomi Yadav

Gone are the days when pitching a tent meant placing a centre pole, spreading a breathable fabric over it, and staking all the corners of that fabric into the ground to give it a stable structure. N

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