Pooja Dhiman

I am a solo backpacker, a muay thai boxer and a mountain goat. I quit my job in April 2016 to go see the world, and I am currently exploring the Himalayas and hiking and trekking whenever possible. I am here to share tidbits of my journey with you. Find me on instagram @thismadmadworld.

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Informative Experiential Trekking Goecha La Trek Goecha-La: An epic journey to the footsteps of Mt. Kanchenjunga
01 June 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Distance: 103 KMS (64 Miles) Avg.Time: 6-8 days What to expect: Pure Awesomeness I am a serious believer in the school of thought that we are not meant to just earn and pay our bills…and die

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Experiential Experiential Trekking Markha Valley Trek Smelling my stinky socks on the Markha Valley Trek
09 August 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

I have always been a mountain goat. Watching fluffy clouds floating by, having a cup of chai at 5 am in my tent, watching a bazillion stars at night, watching sheep and horses being stupid in the wild

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Informative Informative Trekking Markha Valley Trek Markha Valley Trek: Your gateway to Ladakhi Culture
10 August 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Every trek shows you a world of its own.  The Markha Valley trek not just showed me epic landscapes but also a beautiful culture tucked away in the middle of nowhere. This is my journey

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Informative Informative Trekking Markha Valley Trek Trek to Markha Valley is no pancake..Be ready for some rough breaths!
10 August 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Total Distance: 60 KMS (but it sorta feels like 120 kms) Number of days: 7 What to expect: a wildly beautiful but challenging trek Markha Valley is super popular trek in Ladakh for those who p

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Informative Knowhow Trekking Ladakh Flora & Fauna Wildlife you stumble across while trekking in Ladakh
12 August 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

The mountains are full of mysteries and surprises. Take a walk in the wilderness and you’ll stumble across curious little creatures living and breathing in the same space as you. Although Ladakh

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Informative Informative Tourist Attractions Leh Ladakh The city that will touch your soul: Ladakh
15 August 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Every city has a heartbeat, a personality, an aura of its own. Every once in a while, it is essential to go to places where people still live in the old traditional beautiful simple way. Far far away

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Informative Informative Trekking Pin Parvati Pass Trek Ten days, ten reasons to go on Pin Parvati Pass
01 September 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

This is going to a be picturesque story. Be prepared to get blown away by what I am going to show. Pin Parvati Pass trek is, by far, the most beautiful trek I have ever been on. From forests to meado

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Informative Knowhow Trekking Pin Parvati Pass Trek Flora & Fauna Pin Parvati Pass Flora and Fauna
05 September 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

You are never alone in the mountains. There is life all around you; in the waterfalls, you see in the distance, the flowers that bloom in the valleys, the stars that fall from the sky at night, or the

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Informative Informative Trekking Pin Parvati Pass Trek A beautiful marriage of two soulful valleys: Pin Parvati Pass
07 September 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

So here is what’s going to happen. I will show you some epic pictures and you’ll go like ‘man that’s awesome’ and when you go and see those places for yourself, your hear

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Informative The Unknown Hamta Circle
29 September 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

A lonely trek. Some horses. Loads of Buffaloes. 4 blissful days. There are so many beautiful treks hidden away in the Himalayas that we know nothing about. Most of you are aware of the Hampta Pass

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Informative What makes Bali Pass a badass trek?
03 October 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Bali Pass Trek Highlights   Someone, somewhere in the Himalayas is witnessing this view right now. 

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Informative Get to know the flowers that can save or kill you on the Bali Pass trek.
04 October 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Flowers are beautiful in a strange way; some have unbelievable magical powers that can do wonders that modern medicine can’t, while some look absolutely gorgeous but can kill you within seconds.

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Latest Updates Up for a #FamilyAdventure? Check out the epic Hamta Circle trek.
30 October 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Parents, this blog is for you. If you love trekking and prefer taking your family to the mountains instead of the malls, then hifive, you’ve just joined the coolest parents club and here is an

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Informative Legendary peaks and glaciers around Vasuki Tal
02 November 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

Peaks and glaciers around Vasuki Tal   The Garhwal Himalayas draw top-notch climbers and spiritual seekers from all over the world. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see a giant peak in front o

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Informative Vasuki Tal Flora and Fauna
03 November 2017 | Pooja Dhiman

I come from an ad agency background, and a couple of years back, we learnt that majority of the people spend their time on YouTube watching funny cat videos. It was an amazing insight. A lot of brands

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Informative Why doing Kuari Pass with Bikat Adventures is pure awesomeness?
02 January 2018 | Pooja Dhiman

The world changes when it snows. It becomes a little bit magical, a tiny bit fragile and a whole lot crazy if you decide to spend a few days in the mountains.

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Informative Deaths of solo trekkers in the mountains.
27 January 2018 | Pooja Dhiman

We head to the mountains to be free, to walk amongst the clouds, and feel the cool breeze take all the stress away, see wildlife in their prime habitat and most importantly to feel alive. But this sho

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Experiential Experiential 5 Reasons why Kedarkantha is my favorite winter trek
04 February 2018 | Pooja Dhiman

  Life in the mountains is uncomplicated. It’s old school. It takes us back to the basics where food, shelter and survival are the most important things in life. For me, it’s also a

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Informative The end of the beautiful Chadar Trek
08 February 2018 | Pooja Dhiman

Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place. Why I say this is because Chadar trek may be coming to an end for the outside world, but it’s the beginning of a ne

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Informative 15 Most Glorious Pictures of Chadar Trek
25 February 2018 | Pooja Dhiman

So, what does one of the coolest treks in the world really look like? Well, you are about to find out.  I can boldly say that Chadar Trek is like no other trek in the world. I wouldn’

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Experiential Experiential Things I like and dislike about Brahmatal Trek
17 March 2018 | Pooja Dhiman

Things I like and dislike about Brahmatal Trek   Brahmatal trek is NOT the most happening winter trek in the Himalayas.  WRONG.  I am going to prove how much fun a short winter trek

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Picture Blogs Brahmatal Photo Story
17 March 2018 | Pooja Dhiman

Brahmatal Trek Photo Story    The snow-covered Himalayas tease all outdoor enthusiasts to leave their comforts behind and spend a few days in the wilderness. It’s almost like an open

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Informative A walk in the land of myths: Bali Pass
27 May 2019 | Pooja Dhiman

Stories and the myths of Bali Pass Trek   We all grew up listening to fables, myths, and legends. And they fascinate us. They take us to a different world. There are faiths around the world bas

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Picture Blogs Nag Tibba: A Photo Story
07 November 2023 | Pooja Dhiman

Who doesn’t want to get lost in the mountains every now and then, but it’s not always easy to take time off from our busy schedules. Luckily, there are a few treks in the Himalayas which o

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Informative Planning on doing Nag Tibba on your own? Here is everything you need to know
08 November 2023 | Pooja Dhiman

If you are looking to up your game and start trekking independently – Nag Tibba is the perfect trek to start with.  The Himalayas are one of the best classrooms for budding mount

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