Sushant Singh

A mountaineer, cyclist & rock climber by passion, i am currently working as a partner with Bikat Adventures.

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Informative Bikat Nature Camp
19 April 2015 | Sushant Singh

Purpose of our camps is to create an environment of fun-filled happy learning. We facilitate participants’ reflections through engaging and creative activities, adult treatment of teenagers, and per

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Informative How Mountain Biking Is The Best Cross Training For The Marathoners?
21 April 2015 | Sushant Singh

Running is more than just putting one foot in front of the other and maintaining a steady pace. From a regular marathoner or runner to a newbie, everyone acknowledges and understands it. Intense train

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Latest Updates Announcement Trekking 4 Reasons for Trekking This Long Weekend
28 April 2015 | Sushant Singh

Long days at work, mental & physical drain, a backbreaking workload, and you are zapped. The year closing in March 'is' tearing, no doubt. The sad part, the cycle is ceaseless. If not closing, as some

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Practicing Safety Informative Mountaineering 6 reasons for a hiker/trekker to attend a mountaineering course!
29 October 2015 | Sushant Singh

6 REASONS FOR A HIKER/TREKKER TO DO A MOUNTAINEERING COURSE!   Among various adventure sports/activities followed these days, hiking is one of the most popular & sought after outdoor activi

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Informative Informative Rock Climbing Delhi / NCR 5 Reasons to Go Climbing on Weekends near Delhi/NCR
28 November 2015 | Sushant Singh

Read this, if you spend lazy weekends, or are tied in a sedentary grind, or live a monotonous life. You can be of any age & gender, without/with any previous adventure activity experience, any wei

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Informative Opinion Cycling Tours Cycling: A Dying Hobby among Teenagers
01 December 2015 | Sushant Singh

Remember those reckless, cheering cycle races to school in the morning? The joy rides on nice roads or a jet speed pedaling to a friend’s house,with a contrasting drag, angry ‘pushed by mom’ travel to

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Informative Opinion Trekking How Trekking Can Build Real Teams for Corporates
28 December 2015 | Sushant Singh

With the ever evolving parlance of group efficiency, team building training programs stare high on the growth agenda. Almost every corporate integrates team strategy into the business model to achieve

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Informative Informative Rock Climbing Delhi / NCR Climbing Walls and Workshops at School
29 December 2015 | Sushant Singh

Surprised by your tough side, your faith and confidence are reenergized. The best part is it can be everybody’s pursuit and not just worth an athlete’s salt. Besides the fitness edge, clim

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Know How Knowhow Trekking First Aid How To Make A First Aid Kit For Hiking & Camping Trips
09 April 2016 | Sushant Singh

How to make a first aid kit for hiking and camping - tips and tricks!   A basic level first aid kit is a necessity in the wilderness. From minor ailments to serious injuries, a first

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Our Book of Adventures Informative Experiential Trekking Parang La Trek Parang La Trek Exploration
26 October 2016 | Sushant Singh

Why Parang La : It all started when we got an enquiry call from a person in Gujrat about Parang La trek in Feb 2016. He introduced himself as Jasmin & told me that he had earlier planned a trek t

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Latest Updates Knowhow Cycling Tours Manali Leh Cycling Expedition Preparation Practice Schedule For Manali Leh Cycle Expedition
31 March 2017 | Sushant Singh

This six week practice schedule can be followed by people planning to do Manali Leh Cycling Expedition. The expedition itself takes ten days & crosses over many high altitude passes. The expeditio

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