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Practicing Safety Announcement What Makes Bikat Adventures' treks Safe, Fun and Educational?
19 May 2017 | Cambria Sawyer

  So you know you want to go trekking. Now what? You have your bag packed, your shoes tied and your enthusiasm in your pocket- but how are you gonna do this thing? There’s a zillion tre

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Practicing Safety Announcement Bikat Eligibility Criteria
21 August 2015 | Ritvij Kumar

How do you know whether you make the cut! First & foremost, we are not judges of your ability! The ratings are only prescriptive. Adequate or lack of preparation can change everything for actual

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Latest Updates Announcement Trekking 4 Reasons for Trekking This Long Weekend
28 April 2015 | Sushant Singh

Long days at work, mental & physical drain, a backbreaking workload, and you are zapped. The year closing in March 'is' tearing, no doubt. The sad part, the cycle is ceaseless. If not closing, as some

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Latest Updates Announcement Customize Your Adventure
11 May 2006 | Bikat Adventures

If you are looking forward to an exclusive experience (customized group), then please leave the details here and we shall come back to you within 24 Hours with an exact plan and cost. Customizing the

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