What Makes Bikat Adventures' treks Safe, Fun and Educational?


So you know you want to go trekking.

Now what?

You have your bag packed, your shoes tied and your enthusiasm in your pocket- but how are you gonna do this thing?

There’s a zillion trekking organizations and companies offering to take you, but choosing which is proving to be a difficult task.

What’s the difference? Aren’t they all the same? Can I trust any? And couldn’t I technically just go by myself?

The answer to your questions, respectively, would be: A lot, No, Yes, and It depends.


What Makes Bikat Adventures' treks Safe, Fun and Educational?

Allow me to explain…

1. What’s the difference? Learning.

The beauty of a trek is magnified when you understand more deeply how it works, and we are dedicated to you growing as an outdoorsman or woman during your adventure with us. We don’t just go from point A to B, we grow.

Each morning, your trek leader will lead you and the crew in Pranayama Yoga, preparing your mind and lungs for the journey and day ahead. Following each day’s expedition, you will learn how to take care of your muscles with new stretching and cool-down techniques.

On treks, where applicable, crews learn the art of snow-craft (how to navigate through snow) and will come home being able to glissade and traverse like pros.

Of course, you can’t have a camp without a tent, which you will learn how to construct- not to mention how to pick a proper campsite, maximize warmth at night and manage a camp. Important stuff!

After your adventure with Bikat, you’ll return home with skills you never knew you were missing.

2. Aren’t they all the same? Safety.

All of Bikat’s trek leaders are here because they want to share the mountains with you, and that means you need to be healthy enough to be there.

So they’re trained to make sure you are. Bad weather, altitude sickness prevention, CPR certification, first-aid course, expert navigational skills, knowledge of emergency rest stops and evacuation procedures- all items that our trek leaders hold in their pockets. They are not just skilled but also carry all the tools required - Exhaustive first aid kit including medicines for altitude sickness, UIAA certified Rescue equipment like static rope, ice axe, harness, carabiners, pulley, Jumar, etc.

While they shouldn’t ever have to use them, you can focus on the real reason you came to the mountains, knowing they always have your back

3. Don't they all keep claiming? Trust.

Our participants are our only Brand Ambassadors. Watch their reviews (shot on the trek only), read their reviews on our site or Tripadvisor,  Read their personal stories and blog post - we have the biggest repository of user-sourced content on our website. Bikat Blogging handle is fast becoming your favorite for adventure blogging :)

We got some endorsements in this short journey of ours. We are one of the youngest companies in India to be recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India as a recognized Adventure Tour Operator. We have been listed as an Approved adventure tour operator from the apex body of mountaineering in India, IMF, New Delhi.


4. Couldn’t I technically just go by myself? 

Of course, you can but while filled with majesty and peace, the mountains can be a sly and dangerous thing.

Weather, wildlife, health, navigational and equipment issues can often arise that you never expected, and are as a result unprepared for. On my most recent trek with Bikat, I marveled at our leader’s instinctual way of following the trail, thinking to myself, “I would never have been able to spot this if I had come alone.”

So, what we emphasize is that you first learn the skills and get the required knowledge. Then, when you have the skill, knowledge and relevant experience, start trekking on your own. Also, we incentivise self-sustainable behaviors like carrying your own sleeping bags, mats, etc. This way, you can make our batches into a practice ground for future. Practice to carry your stuff on the mountain trail, save money, and get prepared for your future self - supported trekking. Know the Bikat Saving Principles

However, there is another benefit of trekking in groups - your crew. The (not so big) group of 10-15 people can form a friendship and bond in a way that can’t be explained to those who were not present on the trek. Tentmates become lifetime friends and confidants- people across the country and the world who now consider you as a family because of the experience you shared. I have gained so many countless new brothers and sisters from my journeys with Bikat, and that alone, could be reason enough.

Some other small benefits of trekking with us:

When you book a trek or an expedition with Bikat Adventures, you don’t just make a payment to receive some services. You join a community, a community of adventurers who are actively seeking one after another adventure. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy for a lifetime with us:

  1. Inaugural voucher worth INR 2000/- 
  2. Referral benefit – you get 10% cash back and the person who uses the referral gets a 5% cashback
  3. Booking Vouchers – For every booking that you do with us after your first one, you get 10% (15 & 20 for senior members of Bikat community) for every payment that you make to us.

Read all membership benefits in details here

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