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4 Reasons for Trekking This Long Weekend

Sushant Singh

Last updated: 28-04-2015

Long days at work, mental & physical drain, a backbreaking workload, and you are zapped. The year closing in March 'is' tearing, no doubt. The sad part, the cycle is ceaseless. If not closing, as some other task, but this pain keeps recurring at least once every yearly quarter. Bugging? Hell, yes! Now, how to shed the fatigue and jump back to the grind again?

4 Reasons for Trekking This Long Weekend

You need a quickie - a mental, emotional, and physical one, sensual and romantic in its own right. Its called trek! Thanks to the upcoming long weekend, you can 'swiftly' shake yourself into a new you. In fact do that on any such 'useful' 3-4 days off. No spa, no outing, no tourist trips, no binging, are as stimulating. Take our words you will amaze yourself. Here is why. We call them the '4 Rs' of life:

1. Restart: As you begin the journey to the base camp, you gradually distance from what you considered as 'the' world. You are with a stranger group, going to an unseen terrain (in fact, in each season the same patch looks & treats differently, repeating quite new), novel objectives, uncertain results, new routines, your fresh attempts – get ready for a novel exploration and experience. You are restarting life!

2. Reinvent: The weekend treks are unwinding. Despite all the lessons on sophistication, you let your hair loose. You are inching closer to your natural self. And 'knowing yourself' is all that counts. You will see the 'simplicity' of life and will go clueless on why and how could you spend so many years dealing with the 'non-essentials?' With every climb, you are ecstatic. You 'forgive' the people who have hurt you in life so far. With every view, you get from the summit, you 'express gratitude' for all you have in life. You realize the futility of complaining. For each trouble, you encounter en route, you think of the pain you have caused to the people. You 'apologize.' You are growing.

3. Refresh: As you trudge, you derive your strength from the majestic mountains standing tall. While the vast open skies and free run in the green meadows lets you go boundless, the clouds & the mist invigorate you. The jungle and the rivers leave you wondering at the 'moving' calm. Your soul is touched. By now, you are thinking clear and feeling light. You are refreshed.

4. Resume: The 3-days treks do not strain you much. They are often subtle. One good night's sleep and you can easily get on with your routine.

Therefore, each time the routine starts crumbling you down, you know what to do and who to call.

Decided for this weekend? Lets go!

Sushant Singh

A mountaineer, cyclist & rock climber by passion, i am currently working as a partner with Bikat Adv Read more

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