Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

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Monsoon Treks In India 


Monsoons are that time of the year when the charm of Mother Earth is at its peak. Everything is more beautiful, greener, and cleaner than ever. Trekking in monsoons becomes much more fun. The flowers blossom everywhere, there is an orchestra of birds chirping around. The Himalayas become a heaven for pluviophile and trekkers.

Here are the best picks for monsoon treks in India you can do this season:

Easy Treks

1. Beas Kund 

The Beas Kund is an alpine high altitude lake which rests among the beautiful mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from the famous tourist place Manali. The Beas Kund trek takes you through dense forests, grassland, and meadows. The flora and fauna found on this trek are unmatched. the cool blue waters of the Beas Kund are a perfect treat on the trail. 

Max altitude: 12140 ft

Region: Manali

Grade: Easy [2]

No. of days: 3

Peaks Visible: Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters

Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

2. Bhrigu Lake

A trek with highest ROI, there are a number of good reasons which answer why Bhrigu Lake Trek should be done. The high altitude alpine lake is believed to change colors every season. The lake is frozen in the months of May-July. As the monsoon begins, it transforms into a turquoise blue-green lake. Since most of the trail is through meadows, the possibility of any flooding is extremely remote.

The evergreen meadows of Gulaba and Rola Khuli become greener. There is a carpet of vivid flowers as you walk down from Pando Ropa. The spectacular scenery is decorated with a rainbow after the shower. The dark clouds descend down concealing the mountains, it almost feels like walking in the clouds. A getaway from Delhi, Bhrigu Lake is your pick for monsoon trek in India.

Max altitude: 14000 ft

Region: Manali

Grade: Easy [2]

No. of days: 4

Peaks Visible: Hanuman Tibba, Manali, Mukarbeh


photo by Srijan Bannerjee

Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

Moderate Treks

1. Hampta Pass

What makes Hampta Pass a great monsoon trek in India is that it is an overpass between two contrasting valleys- Kullu and Spiti. The trek begins from walking right into the open green meadows. The campsite at Chika blooms with the flowers of variegated colors in the monsoon. There are snow-clad peaks all around. You will get rains to follow you, to begin with, but as you progress towards the pass, the probability of rainfall will decrease significantly

One can see the gradual contrast in the landscape along the trails. The green lush meadows surrounded by snow peaks transform into barren, rocky mountains and rugged terrains by the time you enter into the Spiti Valley. The stupendous contrast is what makes this trek one of the best monsoon treks in India.

Max altitude: 14000 ft

Region: Manali

Grade: Moderate [4]

No. of days: 5

Peaks Visible: Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Indrasan

Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

2. Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley is a cultural retreat in the Land of Llamas. It is a chance for you to experience the culture in the mountains of Leh. enjoy the homestay experience in the Markha Village, largest village in the Markha Valley with an ancient temple and a ruined fort.

The highest altitude that you will climb on this trek is 5200 metres at Kongmaru La where you get the grandeur views of Zanskar and Karakoram Ranges.

Max altitude: 17050 ft

Region: Ladakh

Grade: Moderate [5]

No. of days: 9

Peaks Visible: Kang Yatse I and II

Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

3. Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

The Bhaba Pass (aka Tarik La) lies at the head of a beautiful alpine valley and marks the division between the forests of Himachal Pradesh and the arid expanse of Spiti. The route follows the famous shepherd trail between the lush Kinnaur valley and the stark Pin valley in Spiti over the 16,000 ft + Bhaba Pass. The landscape changes dramatically with pine and cedar forests being replaced by the barren landscape. On the northern side of the pass, you follow the Pin river to Mudh.

It is an easier and shorter alternative to the Pin Parvati Pass, offering the same views and transition to the arid Spiti Valley.

Max altitude: 16125 ft

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Grade: Moderate [5]

No. of days: 7


Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

4. Kashmir Great Lakes

If you are thinking of visiting heaven on earth-Kashmir, here is a trek that you can consider doing in the monsoons.

Located in the heaven on earth, Kashmir Great Lakes is the only trek where you will confront a new lake each day. Each lake is surreal and unique in its own. The charm of this place will sweep you off the floor at the first encounter.

Just when you think the place can’t get any more beautiful, visit this place in monsoons. The whole place blooms with vivid flowers and the vastness of meadows. The landscape of this place is every bit picturesque and magnificent. And guess what?! The best time to do this trek is from July to September.

Max altitude: 13700 ft

Region: Kashmir

Grade: Moderate [4]

No. of days: 8

Peaks Visible: Harmukh

Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

Difficult Treks

1. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

So you have been to Kheerganga. Push yourself and hike to Pin Parvati Pass at the altitude of 5298 meters. This trek like Hampta Pass is also a crossover between two landscapes. The trek runs along Parvati River camping by the sides of glacial lake Mantalai and Parvati Glacier on different. The final day you will cross the pass and enter into the arid Spiti Valley.

The whole trek takes you through splendid landscapes. The vast flat pasture of Odi Thach looks like a set from a sci-fi movie. If you are planning a trek in monsoon, this is surely a great option.

Max altitude: 17400 ft

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Grade: Difficult [6]

No. of days: 11

Peaks Visible: Kullu Eiger


Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

2. Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri is not about lush greenery or verdant meadows. As tough as the name sounds, the trek is about the ruggedness and rigor of Himalayan Stok Ranges. As you reach the top, there are Karakoram Ranges to your north and Zanskar Ranges on your south.

At Stok Kangri, there is no such thing as the monsoon. Hence, no fuss about landslides or continuous downpours which make it a perfect option as a monsoon trek in India especially in the months of July-August. However, you can expect heavy snowfall as you climb higher.

The altitude of Stok Kangri Summit- 6152 metres (highest on Himalayan Stok Range). Need I say more?

Max altitude: 20180 ft

Region: Ladakh

Grade: Difficult [7]

No. of days: 8

Peaks Visible: Saser Kangri, Karakoram Range


photo by Patwant Sandhu 

Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

Don’t stop yourself from trekking in monsoons. Just make sure you are well prepared to face any kind of situation on the trek.


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