5 Reasons to Go Climbing on Weekends near Delhi/NCR

Sushant Singh

Last updated: 28-11-2015

Read this, if you spend lazy weekends, or are tied in a sedentary grind, or live a monotonous life. You can be of any age & gender, without/with any previous adventure activity experience, any weight, and need to be in Delhi NCR on a Sunday morning 6:00 am onwards. By the end of this blog, you will know the route to renew your grit, confidence, and raise your bar of mental & physical strength. Yes, you will most likely register for a rock climbing session. Here are five convincing ‘facts’ on why you will do so:

• The Benefits: Physically, rock climbing involves working against a resistance. This boosts your cardiovascular health, builds stamina, and motor skills. The activity is particularly about the right footwork, correct body position, smart planning, and coordinated movements. The process further helps enhance your focus, problem solving skills, and perseverance, while giving you a refreshing thrill. Whatever climb you achieve, it significantly multiplies your self-confidence and busts most of your stress.

• The Safety Experts: Bikat Adventures, a Gurgaon based leading adventure activities company, organizes weekend climbing sessions in and around Delhi NCR. Safety of the climbers is the priority. We encourage beginners to participate and integrate fitness to their life. Therefore, well-trained professionals conduct the climb. The event begins with the warming up, mental preparation, & comfort building by explaining the process in details and clearing misplaced doubts about the stakes. The event starts with a briefing about the climbing stretch, equipment awareness, the techniques, the principles, and the dos & the don’ts. To further dispel any remaining fears and instill confidence, a professional onsite demo is given before the onset of the climb. You are shown possible scenario during the climb, such as using various holds, lowering down, etc. Finally, the beginners start ascending with all the possible safety measures in place. If required, the professionals keep guiding you on the climbing strategies. In addition, you can try different rock faces according to your level. The key sites we cover are Damdama Lake, Dhauj, Lado Sarai, and Kota Khandeola to mention some.

• An Economical yet Value for Money Weekend Getaway: In just INR 700/- per head, you get the equipment, training by certified instructors, light snacks, packaged water, and a memorable climbing experience. Since all the events are scheduled at natural rock sites, you can have a nice drive and time out away from the city’s nerve wrecking hustle bustle. Amazing views of the peaceful locations, the adrenaline rush, and physical & mental training, you sure get more than climbing. Just reach the site in comfortable (but not loose) clothes facilitating free movement, climbing shoes, and an open mind. Contact us in case of any question or confusion.

• Challenges for Experienced Climbers: This event is organized for multiple levels. Even the pros can practice scaling intermediate and advance rock faces, Bikats set up. Most of the rock sites where the event is organized have faces at various levels and every event has at least 2 faces up for climbing, one at beginner and another at intermediate or advanced. Based on the participant profile, even more faces are organized for them to be able to practice as per their climbing levels.

• There is always the Next: You can join the Detailed & Dedicated Training Classes organized by Bikat Adventures. Formal training workshops for experienced climbers or the beginners wishing to pursue climbing seriously organized from time to time. Certified professionals conduct the training, complying with all the safety norms. For any questions, contact us at: +917838148127 and +919718479055

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