Cycling: A Dying Hobby among Teenagers

Sushant Singh

Last updated: 01-12-2015

Remember those reckless, cheering cycle races to school in the morning? The joy rides on nice roads or a jet speed pedaling to a friend’s house,with a contrasting drag, angry ‘pushed by mom’ travel to the nearby market/gas booking station – cycling was spun in our routine like meals. We would tirelessly cover kms in a day. So often, were beaten up also at home for the vanishing with the cycle episodes. Beautiful, treasurable memories. Aren’t they? Unfortunately, the love lost rush and over protective parents crashed down the physical rigor of the present generation teens.Bereft of the ‘necessary’ free runs of this fitness and environment friendly device, most of the youths are‘willing’ slaves of addictive comfort. Terribly low stamina, obesity, mental dullness, and laziness chalk the profile of the new age teens. Know that cycling is just not a physical fitness mantra, but it boosts your mood, mental strength, confidence, risk taking ability, and independence as well. Understanding the gravity of loss here, many biking enthusiasts have formed groups, like North Delhi Cyclists, Pedal Yatri, Mumbai Cycling Enthusiasts, Noida Cycling club, Bangalore Cycling Club, and so many more, in & around the metros like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.They have all taken the first step to revive this health ritual and the bandwagon is continuously growing.

Let’s see the reasons why cycling has remained and will always remain one of the most holistic exercises ever:

  1. Cardiovascular Mileage: Regular cycling helps pump up the blood supply to heart and lungs. As a result, the heart muscles & lungs strengthen and cholesterol levels decline. This lowers the probability of heart ailment, blood pressure, and stroke.

  2. Complete Muscular & Skeletal Fitness: Cycling tones all your muscles and adds flexibility to them. Your bones grow stronger and joints (particularly knees& hips)turn more mobile without stress. This reduces the chances of osteoarthritis.Legs and buttocks are of course the primary beneficiaries of pedaling. A better co-ordination, good body posture & balance are additional by products.

  3. Obesity Check: Increased metabolic rate, calorie burn, and muscle build up control your weight. Balance it with a right diet and the results will be euphoric. Studies suggest that you should lose approximately 2000 calories per week through exercising. If you weigh 80 kgs and cycle at a steady speed, you burn around 350-400 calories/hour. So, approximately 6-7 hours of biking a week can help you hit your weekly calories burn target. In turn, Type 2 diabetes chances also dip. As you grow lighter, your energy levels too soar.

  4. Anti-Carcinogen: Cycling charges up your immune system that works against tumors and the related tendencies.This dampens the risk of colon and breast cancer.

  5. Mental Massage: It also helps release the mental stress and boosts your happiness index, keeping depression & anxiety off your shores. You grow mentally keen and confident also.

  6. Low Impact: Biking is a non-exerting, low stress pursuit. Of course, you can upgrade it to a heavy physical workout as well.

  7. A Forever Skill: Just like swimming, cycling is easy to learn and you retain the skill through your life, even after long gaps.

  8. Go Green: With no emission, no natural resources claimed, cycling is an environment friendly venture.

  9. Changing Scenery: That’s one star incentive of cycling. Ride it wherever you feel like. The slim thing lets you take on smooth, rough, hilly, rocky, all terrains.You can ride in the amazing deserts of Rajasthan, the dense green forests of Uttarakhand & Himachal, the arid lands of Spiti & Ladakh, and the scenic outskirts of NCR in the Arawalis. A good MTB (Mountain Terrain bike) can easily be de-assembled, packed, transported, and assembled again.

Starting late is any day better than not trying. Cycle is as important and desirable as is your cell and/or laptop. A decent gear bike costs only half the amount compared to your laptop. Invest in a good buy for a long-term value. Use it as a utility and not a repulsive or expensive exercising machine. So, pick up your demon and get on with your routine. You do not need any special preparations or clothing. Go to college or coaching on cycle, if possible. Visit most places nearby within easy cycling distance. In just around a week, you realize it’s all so doable, not inconvenient & tiring, and definitely not embarrassing. Soon you will start craving for your cycling solitude. The benefits tend to multiply from here. If you know cycling, just shed all your worries about the staring gap since your last ride. Be assured that you will surprise yourself.

We also regularly facilitate cycling events and expeditions in Himalayas & Arawalis. Juggling sceneries & difficulty levels, you can cover the city stretches or the hilly curves. Romance cannot manifest better!

Sushant Singh

A mountaineer, cyclist & rock climber by passion, i am currently working as a partner with Bikat Adv Read more

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