Shayoni Mazumdar

Commonly referred to as shy, Shayoni is not exactly so! Adventure fascinates her and she often dreams of packing off her bags; of running to the hills to seek solace from the crazy city life. She believes in working hard and partying harder,but for her parties are quiet weekends spent with close friends, maybe even at home. She loves music, she loves dancing, so much so that, she doesn't need the former to do the latter. She is a wide eyed dreamer, with her head in the world of practicalities. Her undying faith in humankind; her search for doing something 'meaningful'; her belief in 'rekindling the child in you' define her philosophies in life. All in all, difficult to describe, but probably worth a meet!

Articles by this Author
Trekkers' Blogs Knowhow Trekking Women Informative Dear ladies...This one is for you...
11 August 2015 | Shayoni Mazumdar

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve been eagerly looking forward to a trip, that you’ve been planning for ages, that you have all your clothes decided and sorted and the one thing that

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Trekkers' Blogs Experiential Trekking Har ki Dun Trek Making a start & Exploring my self : story of a first time trekker
17 November 2015 | Shayoni Mazumdar

New Year 2014 – the most memorable in 25 years. I wasn’t at the best pub clubbing; I wasn’t decked up all pretty; I wasn’t on my 10th bottle of beer – The lampposts sped by, the houses left behind, t

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