Kratik Mehta

By profession, I hold the most common degree of the world working for the most common business sector. Yes you guessed it right.. I am an Engineer working in IT. But my interests and hobbies are widespread over various things :P The main hobby which hovers over my mind all the time is Photography. Along with Photography, I love traveling, going to various places, treks, etc. But every time, my camera is my companion. Running, Cycling are also part of my hobby. You can always find pics for almost everything with me. I believe in capturing all the beautiful moments of my life and also others life. Now I want to try writing down the experiences of all the treks, adventures I am involved in along with the photos. Looking forward for a trip in the snow clad mountains of the north with Bikat Adventures in future.

Articles by this Author
Trekkers' Blogs Informative Trekking Vasota Fort Trek The Mighty Vasota Trek
14 June 2017 | Kratik Mehta

Vasota Trek   Hurrrayyy...!!! This is the reaction we all have when we have successfully planned our outing. We become happy and excited to go to the place we decided. The more enjoyment comes

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Trekkers' Blogs Informative Cycling Tours Kokan Cycling Expedition The Kokan Bike Expedition
08 July 2017 | Kratik Mehta

“You never know your true potential until you push beyond your limits” Everything looks like a popular quote once it is kept inside quotes and decorated with the effect of bold and italics

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