Anupam Chaubey

Hi Guys! My name is Anupam Chaubey. I am 22 years old and have recently graduated from my engineering college. I live in Kolkata. When I was in my 2nd year, I went to a Basic Rock Climbing couse in Joychandi Pahar , Purulia and ever since then I have been trekking, mountaineering and trying adventurous activities whenever time and circumstances permit ( and budget, of course!!!).

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Trekkers' Blogs Experiential Tourist Attractions Unexpected results occur only when you tread on unexpected roads
21 July 2017 | Anupam Chaubey

"Unexpected results only occur when you tread on unexpected roads" So my story begins with 3 of us – Anupam(that's me!) , Anshu and Akash (usually referred as "Agni" due to his "Agnihotri​" sur

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