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A Computer Engineer by degree but a travel and adventure lover at heart. Sharing my travel experiences and adventures through writing is my passion.

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Know How Don't Let Rains Ruin Your Experience
14 August 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Camping in the mountains is an adventurous idea, but there is one thing that you must always remember- you can never predict the weather. Of course this is true everywhere, but especially in the mount

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Popular Treks Counting The Best Sights Of Kudremukh Trek
24 August 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Looking for the full itinerary and details of Kudremukh Trek? Find them here!   Calling out all adventure buffs! You are in for a treat. If you thought that all the great treks lie in the bount

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Popular Treks Why Kumara Parvatha Trek Is Good For Beginners And Experienced Trekkers
24 August 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Kumara Parvatha Trek For Beginners And Experienced Trekkers        Looking for the full itinerary and details of Kumara Parvatha Trek? Find them here!   Our everyday liv

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Popular Treks Milestones of the Kumara Parvatha trek
14 September 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Welcome to the jungle. The Kumara Parvatha trek, also known as the Pushpagiri trek, is located in Coorg and is counted among the best and the most difficult treks of this region. The Kumara Parvatha

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Informative Breaking Down the Carbon Curse: All about carbon footprints
15 September 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

All of us must have heard the word 'carbon footprint' in our schools. We are all taught about it in our science classes, but not many of us have bothered to remember this word or to act upon it after

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Popular Treks Tandiandomal : Perks Of Climbing The Road Less Traveled
17 September 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Looking for the full itinerary and details Tandiandamol Trek? Find them here!   Short treks are often loved by people as they are the perfect weekend plan. But such treks become very popular an

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Popular Treks Must visits on your way to Kudremukh
18 September 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Planning a trip with your gang can be a real challenge, but time and again we do manage to get an adventure together. The thing is, sometimes we are so focused on the destination that we forget to lea

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Popular Treks Sightseeing on the way to Goecha La Trek
21 September 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Geocha la is one of the most famous treks in India. This 9-day trek is very different from most of the treks in the northern Himalayas. This trek is unique in many ways, but the best feature of this t

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Popular Treks The Winter Trek Awards - Find out who takes away the trophy!
05 October 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Winter + Trekking = Snow + Lot of fun. If this were a mathematical equation, it would be a perfectly balanced one. As trekkers, we all know that there are very few options which are left open for us

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Know How Keep Your Backpack Light
06 October 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

When we pack for a trek, we must keep in mind the fact that we have to carry it on our shoulders the entire time. Therefore, it is important that we keep it light and only pack the necessary things th

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Know How What To Carry In A Daypack
08 October 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

So you’re ready for your next adventure, you have all the items you need for the epic trek ahead of you and you’ve managed to keep your load light, but there’s just one thing…

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Informative Chadar Trek Packing List
02 November 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Planning to go on the glamorous Chadar trek this year? Make sure what you've packed in your bag will prepare you for this epic 6-day adventure on ice. Not sure where to start? Don't worry about

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Know How Winter Hiking Tips and Tricks: Points To Remember
05 November 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Winter trekking or hiking season starts from November and lasts till the end of March. During these months only the most enthusiastic trekkers, who love to step out of their comfort zones are found ma

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Informative Informative 4 BEST TREKS TO DO IN 2019 INSTEAD OF ROOPKUND
14 November 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Roopkund trek is one of the most loved treks in Uttarakhand. It has gained a lot of popularity lately and has become every trekker's favorite. Due to this excessive rush to the trek, there have been s

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Popular Treks Informative Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek
27 November 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

It is said that ‘a day at a beach restores the soul.’ The only thing better? Three days at fifteen beaches. Doesn’t it almost sound like a dream?!   While one beach would be a

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Informative Updates New Year Treks
04 December 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

Every year in the last week of December we usually start planning parties and making plans with our close friends and family for the D-day. Be it a wild party, or a family dinner there’s always

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Contests Instagram Trek Photo Contest 2018
07 December 2018 | Kiritika Jyotshi

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