Why Kumara Parvatha Trek Is Good For Beginners And Experienced Trekkers

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Last updated: 24-08-2018

Kumara Parvatha Trek For Beginners And Experienced Trekkers 




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Our everyday lives are too busy and it becomes very difficult to find time for other activities. So the working force of young people is constantly looking for things which are easy yet gives them a feeling of fulfillment.  The perfect escape plan in such a situation is a weekend getaway.

The Kumara Parvatha trek is one such gift. The trek is hailed as the perfect weekend getaway for the folks of Bengaluru who spend their weekdays working non-stop round the clock. The trek is short yet tests your skill set in several patches. This trek is loved by people with all kinds of training and experience and by those who are not experts.

The trek offers a great learning based experience that can be used to plan and execute other trek which are on a much more difficult. The basics of camping can also be learned during this trek. You can share your experiences with others or hear stories that other people have from different trekking experiences. Such healthy interactions will help you gain more knowledge.

The Kumara Parvatha trek is one of the most well known treks of South India. It is located in Coorg and is the second highest point of the state. There is no arguing about the fact that Coorg is one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit. Various bucket lists often include visiting Coorg.

Why Kumara Parvatha Trek Is Good For Beginners And Experienced Trekkers

The Kumara Parvatha trek allows you to experience the beauty of Coorg at its best. This trek takes you through dense green forests.

The trek falls in the moderately tough category. It takes 2 days to complete the trek. The distance covered over the span of two days is 28 km approximately. February and October are the best months to do this trek.

But this trek is not a cakewalk for everyone as there are steep ascents which mark the entire trail of this trek. You walk through deciduous forests and vast meadows during this course. Encounters with snakes are also common, making the trek dangerous and a little scary for a few. The King Cobra has often been spotted  by people on this trek. There have been various accounts where the encounters have resulted in a situation of panic and distress, thus it is suggested that enough precautions are taken before starting this adventure.

Why Kumara Parvatha Trek Is Good For Beginners And Experienced Trekkers

The trek also has many confusing paths and the locals recommend having a guide along. As taking the wrong path can be really dangerous.

The beginners are likely to find the steep ascents difficult to scale and the experienced trekkers feel an adrenalin rush as such conquers are their best friends. This trek is a living proof of how the nature strikes the right balance for the interests of all earthlings.

Another distinctive feature worth mentioning is that there are two peaks on this trek. The smaller peak is known as the Shesh Parvatha and the higher peak is called Kumara Parvatha and stands at 5,600 ft.

As you start this  trek, you will experience a continuous steep ascent for about 4 – 5 hours. This period gives the trekkers a taste of what lies ahead of them.

Why Kumara Parvatha Trek Is Good For Beginners And Experienced Trekkers

This trek ends at a flat grassland which is ideal for setting up tents and resting for the day. The trekkers enjoy the fruits of their day's labour here. The scenic beauty of this place is unmatched. You are surrounded by a wave of green and the stars twinkle over your head, imparting just enough light for everyone.


Apart from being a trek for all, there are several highlights of the Kumara Parvatha trek which one must not miss. This trek offers a lot more than it's the trail to the trekkers. 

So, plan your next weekend wisely! 

And if you are feeling especially beachy, then the Kumta Gokarna trek is the trek you want to be on. 

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