Martin Byrne

I was born in England and have lived in NSW Australia since 1993. I have a partner 4 children and 4 Grandchildren. I lived in India for most of the time between 1987 and 1993. My passion has been wandering around in the Himalayas. Gradually through the years as my equipment has become lighter and better I have increased my range of trekking in the mountains. I undertook the Goeche La trek in 2014 which was incredible. I undertook some short walks alone in the Cuillin hills on the Isle of Skye in Scotland in 2016 using maps and compass. In May 2016 my partner and I walked to the top of Mt Kalahoo in the Alborz mountains of Iran. In November 2017 I got to use my new toys, a GPS and crampons, together with my partner to cross the Kackar Mountain range through 0.5 to 1 meter of fresh snow. Although the pass was only at 3300 meters it was a big challenge to be leading the journey to make sure we completed it safely. I have been to Gaumukh many years ago, and wished to go to Tapovan, but no one would go with me at the time, and was not confident of my skills alone back then. I would love to be able to wander among the giants like Shivling and Meru. I have a great reverence for all mountains everywhere.

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Trekkers' Blogs Auden's Col 2018
11 November 2018 | Martin Byrne

September 2018, an extremely difficult time for trekking in Uttarakhand, with the local interpretation of a high court ruling to refuse all trekking permits. Treks are cancelled throughout Uttarakhand

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