Girish Kumar

I love exploring mother nature in all its forms. I am a keen Cyclist, Hiker & a Novice Kayaker. Currently i work as a partner at Bikat Adventures.

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18 October 2000 | Girish Kumar

      Previous Next   Why Adventure for Schools? Catch them young they say and they do when they need to spoil! Noodles, Chocolates, Regimes

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Latest Updates Informative Rock Climbing Listed Rocks
01 March 2013 | Girish Kumar

Here is a list of natural rocks on which we facilitate climbing. We organize Sunday Climbing Sessions from November to April. You can join us for a Sunday Climbing Session or do it as per your time &

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Experiential Panwali Rap By Sajjan Singh
13 March 2015 | Girish Kumar

Mountain folks are always cheerful & happy go lucky. Their company is very contagious. They will make you happy as well . This is one of the reason out of many why people head back to the mountains ag

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Informative Introvert ? 3 Ways In Which Your Trek Experience Can Be Different From That Of Extroverts
21 March 2015 | Girish Kumar

Despite the same journey, similar rigors, and the shared destinations, a trek amounts differently to an introvert and an extrovert. Why? Because of their varied perspectives, their diverse treatment o

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Experiential Informative Experiential Trekking Roopkund Trek Days Of Solitude, A Could Have Been Bear & The Mystery Lake - Roopkund Trek !
21 March 2015 | Girish Kumar

It was late evening. we had reached Lohjung ,the base point of Roopkund trek. With 8 hours of bus journey from Delhi to Haldwani & 12 hours of hopping one taxi after the other from Haldwani to Loh

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Latest Updates Rock Climbing In Himalayas
08 April 2015 | Girish Kumar

Last December around new year while we were doing Har ki Dun trek , we thought of exploring some rock climbing options . So on the first day of trek while the trekking team headed to Seema , we took

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Informative Opinion Trekking Women Has Increasing Gender Balance On Treks Added New Dimensions To Trekking ?
09 April 2015 | Girish Kumar

If you read about trekking history, it is mostly associated with solitude, wilderness, risk taking, and similar so called ‘masculine’ traits. However, with all the know-how, internet sharing, professi

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Informative Informative Cycling Tours Manali Leh Cycling Expedition FAQs - Manali Leh Cycle Expedition
25 May 2015 | Girish Kumar

Manali Leh cycle expedition is one of the most coveted cycling event in India & world. The expedition starts from Manali & ends in Leh after covering Khar Dungla on the ultimate day. The expedition po

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Experiential Informative Cycling Tours Manali Leh Cycling Expedition A Self Supported Manali Leh Cycle Expedition
09 December 2015 | Girish Kumar

Training: This started one evening when after returning back from our swimming session me & my buddy Pankaj were having a beer. After we were a little drunk, the thought suddenly struck. Life is getti

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Informative Knowhow Trekking Trailcraft Camping Best Practices
02 February 2016 | Girish Kumar

Irrespective of whether you are pitching your camps for a longer stay or just for an overnight halt as part of a multi-day hiking trip, when you are camping in the wilderness there are certain basic t

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Know How How to Pack Lightweight For A Trek
24 February 2016 | Girish Kumar

While it may seem that a small pack of facewash or a deo or an extra pullover wont make much difference but every gram counts when you are packing for a trek. Hiking as light as possible is something

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Contests & Giveaways Vote For Your Favorite Photo
28 September 2016 | Girish Kumar

Photographer of the month contest which closed yesterday received more than 200 entries.We have had multiple heartbreaks in shortlisting the finalists after an overwhelming response.Our judge will pic

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Contests & Giveaways Winter Trek Quiz Results
07 November 2016 | Girish Kumar

Quizzing is an enthralling activity! It becomes even more captivating when you don’t get correct answers after making the attempt. Something just sticks & we are so tempted to ask, read blog

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Latest Updates Generic Blog Contest share your adventurous stories
03 March 2017 | Girish Kumar

Your contributions are welcome! We invite you to submit your stories from anywhere in the world. We welcome everything from short easy adventures of 2- 3 days to long challenging expeditions involving

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Latest Updates Updates How Bikat Does Explorations
01 December 2018 | Girish Kumar

Those who trek regularly would know that exploration or recce (a slang for reconnaissance) of a trek is different from a normal trek organized by any operator. At Bikat Adventures, we love exploring n

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