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Last updated: 25-05-2015

Manali Leh cycle expedition is one of the most coveted cycling event in India & world. The expedition starts from Manali & ends in Leh after covering Khar Dungla on the ultimate day. The expedition poses physical & mental challenges for participants. The thrill of overcoming these challenges is what attracts cyclists around the world to this extreme cycling route. The idea of cycling in high altitude for 10 days at a stretch in some of the most remote & hostile terrains is alluring but at the same time poses certain questions in the minds of aspirants. To address these questions & burst some of the myths we decided to have some FAQs answered for you.

FAQs - Manali Leh Cycle Expedition

Q - Will I be able to do it ?

A - Yes, anyone with a normal physical fitness can do it. The only thing that it takes is strong motivation & of course following a practise schedule prior to your departure because the more you practise , more enjoyable the journey would be.

Q - What kind of physical preparation is required for this expedition ?

A- The practice schedule varies from person to person. If you are a complete novice to cycling & haven't cycled before, then it takes somewhat more sweating than the one who is a regular to pedalling. Since the expedition involves high altitude & uphill riding conditions, the practise schedule should include these aspects.

Q - How much distance will be covered in a single day during the expedition ?

A - The distance covered varies on each day depending upon the gradient of the route. The longest distance covered in a day is 75 kms when its mostly downhill & the shortest is 38 kms when its a complete ascent.

Q - What kind of bike/cycle will be required for such expedition ?

A - Any decent hardtail (with only front suspension ) mountain bike with basic features will do the trick. The important thing to lookout for is the selection of right frame size according to your height. The bike should also have a good range of gear selection to negotiate the steep uphill climbs. For more details about the bike selection we can assist you on the same.

Q - Does Bikat Adventures provide bike/cycle for these expeditions ?

A - We do not provide bikes but we can assist you in getting one on rental basis through our cycling partners.

Q - What kind of biking gears do i need to carry for this trip ?

A - You need to carry your personal biking gear like helmet, cycling shorts, cycling gloves, sunglasses & cycle lock etc. There is a detailed list of packing items which we will be sending across to you that includes clothing, accessories & other personalised items.

Q - Do I need to carry bike spare parts for the trip ?

A - There are few spare parts which can be unique to the make of the bike and hence the participants need to carry them. This includes spare tubes , gear cables, brake shoes, brake cables etc. A complete list will be provided to you. We will be providing puncture repair kits, air pump & common set of tools with the services of a trained mechanic.

Q - What if my bike breaks down in between the trip ?

A - If your bike breaks down in the middle of trip, it will be fixed by the mechanic who will be a part of the expedition team. In case the damage is beyond repair we will provide you a spare bike. One spare bike per group is carried by us.

Q - What are the options available if I am not able to continue the journey due to some injury or fatigue ?

A - The expedition includes a backup vehicle which will be accompanying the participants at all point of time. If at any point of time you are not able to continue due to fatigue or injury, you can use the vehicle and resume your cycling when you are fully recovered.

Q - Do we require any kind of special permit at any point in the trip ?

A - No, you don’t require any kind of special permit all along the trip. In case there is any, it is included in the expedition cost.

Q - Any specific medicines required to be carried for countering high altitude sickness ?

A - In case you have a medical condition, please consult your physician before taking up this trip . You need to carry in plenty the medicines prescribed by your doctor if you have any health condition. Medicines for all common ailments will be carried by us including all major first aid equipment that includes Diuretic drug namely Diamox and oxygen cylinders.

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