Introvert ? 3 Ways In Which Your Trek Experience Can Be Different From That Of Extroverts

Girish Kumar

Last updated: 21-03-2015

Despite the same journey, similar rigors, and the shared destinations, a trek amounts differently to an introvert and an extrovert. Why? Because of their varied perspectives, their diverse treatment of the experiences, their different coping mechanisms, and the lasting effect. Here is a how a trek broadly shapes up for them.

Introvert ? 3 Ways In Which Your Trek Experience Can Be Different From That Of Extroverts

1. Preparation: While as an introvert, you look forward to the promising solitude, as an extrovert you are tempted by the idea of an adventure trip in a mesmerizing locale with the new bunch of people. If you are an introvert, you carefully scan the technical and the logical aspects, such as the location, the terrain characteristics, climatic conditions, tips, etc. For your solitary ecstasy, you pack your camera, travel diary, sketchbooks, and earphones besides the needed tools and the prescribed list of clothing, etc. If you are an outgoing being, you spin your information from the photographs, previous trekkers, reading the narratives, etc. To capture your group joys, you take a camera, keep some stuff to munch & share, and yes, you do pack up some style quotient stuff like 'smart' and relevant clothing. The first timers may 'unnecessarily' worry on the fitness part. Ignore the anxiety, you can always prepare!

All set, with a mixed feeling, you are now eagerly waiting to start the journey. Mixed feeling because you know there is always much more to what you originally anticipate. You experience that stunning extra as the journey unfolds.

2. The Journey: Treks are a lot of indiscriminate and spontaneous fun for anyone. Hiking along the unknown trails with a group of friends and overcoming the challenges together are irresistible for you as an extrovert. Sharing cramped tents, helping each other on crooked paths, and cracking jokes to keep the trek enjoyable are the ‘fun’ elements. On the other hand, if you are an introvert, stepping away from the everyday crowd and even the trekking group, a self-conclave in the majestic nature, silently admiring the star-studded sky, or the sound of lake water in peace, and trekking up a tricky trail, all on their own or with a close companion, exhilarate you.

Treks also offer perspective on the importance of company and a soul nourishing solitude. The weather, the terrains, and the changed routine push you out of your comfort zone and help you look beyond your predictable fences. You need teamwork to fight for survival. Therefore, despite the diversity, the group works cohesively because that is the only way out at that time. This is a novel experience altogether for everyone. If an extrovert, you get to introspect and discover yourself. You learn the beauty of independent working and enjoying your own silent company. On the other hand, the introvert in you gets an opportunity to bond with the like-minded people or to adjust to the different type. Your take away? This beautiful change stays with you.

3. The Hangover: While your unknown sides unravel, your core grows with each journey. Every trip brings in a 'new' value to your 'personal' table. The invigorated introverts let it out in their travel diaries, sketchbooks, and cameras. Similarly, the extroverts - learn more about goal settings, team handling, group efficiency, and change management. Of course, en route you make friends for long and sometimes for life. Trekking casts its spell for quite a few days. You have crossed amazing pastures, climbed some rough mountains, experienced the calm of a lake, and found the incredible self! You naturally go dreamy, energetic, optimistic, and happy because you have grown. Renewed faith, learning & unlearning a lot, and best of all you can practice independence better now.

You have moved beyond your cast of introvert and extrovert. You are a converted trekker now. Obviously, this rejuvenation is addictive. You keep coming back to it.

Other than love, trekking is the best date with life.

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