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Girish Kumar

Last updated: 01-03-2013

Here is a list of natural rocks on which we facilitate climbing. We organize Sunday Climbing Sessions from November to April. You can join us for a Sunday Climbing Session or do it as per your time & convenience by hiring instructor & equipment from us. Checkout Rock Climbing options with Bikat Adventures. For people who want to pursue it further do check out Bikat Climbing Club Membership.

Face Code Name Location Height Grade Level Brief
MS 5 Right Edge Damdama 60 feet 5.6 Beginner A brilliant face for beginners, with biggest advantage being the height. Its neither too difficult nor too easy.
OW 3 Don’t Care Two Hoots Damdama 50 feet 5.8 Intermediate "An excellent face route, takes the center line" - M S Soin (1982)
N 3 Kathakali Dhauj 55 feet 5.6 Beginner A saping grows at the bottem of this climb to it and mantelshelf above has exposed moves on small but good holds
N 4 Bharat Natyam Dhauj 65 feet 5.7+ Beginner Interesting moves, sustained route
P 12 Talwar Dhauj 50 feet 5.6+R Beginner A very popular route, climb the face to the ledge ant through the writing on the rock positive but small holds. The climb the dedicated to the late Vijay Talwar who had died in a bus accident enroute to a mountaineering expedition.
P 8 Hysteria with a stengun Dhauj 5.10 a Advance A clasic; the roof with crack and above take the face, excellent moves and quality.
MS 10 Cenotaph Damdama 35 feet 5.7 R Beginner "A suberb corner classic line" - R Chambers (1982)
TT 1 Terrier Tooth Damdama 30 feet Intermediate "A classic, very enjoyable route. Has a preplaced rusted piton on the face" RK Dutta, RJ Honey, MS Soin
H 1 Rhythm & Arrogance Dhauj 20 feet 5.1 Advance a small roof on left end to the crag. Start under under the roof and climb through the roof (crack ). Has good energetic moves.
H 2 aristocart Dhauj 20 feet 5.8 Intermediate boulder with a thin crack on the top left edge of the crag. Good protection, clean moves
H 3 pehensile Dhauj 40 feet 5.7 Beginner a surprisingly strenuous crack line near the edge of the crg. An awkwaard start.
H 3 a variation Dhauj 45 feet 5.8 Intermediate intead of finishing on the left finish on the right.
H 4 Rakshasha Dhauj 60 feet 5.9 R Intermediate Consistently exacting with a fine finishing problem. Small nuts for protection, and big balls for attemping the climb.
H 5 Hairy Dhauj 80 feet 5.6 Beginner The traverse is worth experiencing. Start near the right edge of the left hand crag. Climb up In to the recess from the Neem tree and make for the uper
H 6 Bajrangs Belly Dhauj 60 feet 5.5 Beginner start round the corner of the right hand end of Hanuman a and climb straight up the grey rocks and through the middle of the top over hang ther crux.
H 7 Monckey puzzle Dhauj 60 feet 5.5 Beginner start up an easy crack the bottom left hand side of the right hand crag. This leads up under asmall over hang which is turned awkwardly on the left, one option being a swivel jam. A modest stainrcase near the edge completes the climb.
H8 Powerful tail lights Dhauj 65 feet 5.3 Beginner this takes the natural easiest line.
Hanuman Light Dhauj 60 feet 5.4 Beginner start in the centre left of the right hand crag. After a steep and difficult start, angle up right ( loose block to be removed ) to move out in to fine position for a final exposed section.
G 1 tusker baridi sana Dhauj 80 feet 5.9 R Intermediate climb the left trunk to a chockstone with a razor edge. Strenuous . Jaming leads to the crux with a high step up . Led after many falls
G 2 Trunk Right Dhauj 80 feet 5.4 Beginner
G 3 Hotel Palace Dhauj 80 feet 5.1 R Intermediate a classic test piece, very intimidating.
G 4 Motel Dhauj 80 feet 5.1 Intermediate
N 5 Polka Dhauj 70 feet 5.7 Beginner The ent of the crag, facing the plain is at an easier angle, difficulties st half height.

  1. Intro Briefing for 30 Mins – A detailed briefing of the group by the Chief Program Manager, who would be an advance mountaineer with at least 5+ years of delivering learning based adventure experiences. This briefing would be based on LD format (Lecture + Demo) and would be conducted for each activity that is part of the hunt.
  2. Revision of critical points – When a student approaches to attempt, he/she would be briefed again by the Activity In-Charge for 30 seconds revising the critical aspects of the activity for the student
  3. Attempt – The student starts her time attempt only after 30 mins of mandatory revision (that would later by consistently reduced from overall time). Idea would be to complete the activity safely to qualify for the hunt winner. A fully successful attempt would give 100 points to the student. Any misses in technique would attract negative markings.
  4. Debrief – This is not just a game but a learning experience. Group members would be debriefed by the Chief Program Manager so that they can realize the true experiences that they have just had.

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Membership & Loyalty program

Bikat Adventures has always believed in growing as a community of adventure enthusiasts and takes pride in the people who have been on expeditions with us. We believe in establishing a personal connect with all our participants and our secretly famous ‘After trek or expedition parties’ are a testimony to our Endeavour in this area. With Bikat Adventures growing by the day into a larger organization, we feel grateful towards this “Bikat Community” who has been a significant reason behind our success and growth. Here’s launching the Membership and Loyalty program targeted at the Bikat Community…

The purpose of this membership plan is not to lure you into something but just as a gesture of Thanks. Here are the questions that you need answers for:

Who is eligible for the memberships?

  • If you booked at least 3 expeditions days* with us, then consider yourself eligible!

When you say days on expedition, Are all your events called expedition or is there any criteria for that?

  • An expedition would be defined as any trekking, cycling, rock climbing, or mountaineering trip with a minimum duration of 3 days

How would the expedition days be counted? Would the travel time also be included?

  • Expedition days would be counted from the standard itinerary published by Bikat Adventures’ website. In case there is additional travel involved to reach the starting point, then that would not be counted.

How many types of memberships do you have?

  • The membership would be offered at 3 levels
    1. Basic (2 year) – With at least 3 expedition days under your belt, you get a free membership for a period of 2 years from the date of invitation
    2. Summiter (5 year) – A Basic level member with 12 more expedition days with us, can upgrade to a ‘Summiter’ level membership. Or if you have completed 15 expedition days with us and forgot to become Basic member, then also you can become a Summiter directly by applying afresh. As a Summiter, you get a free membership for a period of 5 years from the date of invitation.
    3. Leader (Lifetime) – A Summiter who completes 20 more expedition days with us, would be given a free lifetime membership.

What are the various benefits attached to memberships?

  • The various benefits involve Inaugural Voucher, Regular Discounts, Power to Refer & win Vouchers, The benefits applicable to all the membership plans are similar but the validity/quantum may be different.

What is an Inaugural Voucher?

With every new invitation for membership, we give you a discount voucher worth INR 2000 (Inaugural Voucher) that can be redeemed in any of our expeditions within a period of 6 months from the date of completion of most recent expedition. The idea is to help more and more people in using this voucher without damaging parity between prompt and occasional users. So, the validity shall be extended whenever it expires with a deduction of 10% for another 6 months. Like this, the voucher actually never expires but incentivizes those who are frequent explorers.

The deduction would be 10% for every elapsed period of 6 months from last date of the most recently completed trek. For eg. In case your inaugural voucher worth INR 2000/- is expiring on 4th July 2016 and last time you completed a trek with us was from 1st January till 3rd January 2016, then the voucher would be extended with a deduction of 20% of the present value of the voucher i.e. INR 400/- and a new voucher worth INR 1600, valid till 3rd January 2017.

Please note that this extension policy is valid only for Inaugural vouchers and not for any other voucher whatsoever.

How do I Accumulate Discounts each time I trek?

  • Every active member would get Bikat Vouchers worth certain %age of the expedition fee, every time he/she books an expedition with us. The vouchers are like cash back and we call them Booking Vouchers

Basic Member (10%)     ||    Summiter Member (15%)    ||    Leader Member (20%)

Please note that the booking vouchers, as explained above are, are generated on the amount paid by a member for him/herself. In case you are making a group booking from your ID, then you would get the booking voucher only for your own amount and not the others who are part of the booking.

Can I also gift or transfer a voucher to one of my friends?

  • The vouchers can be redeemed by anyone having the voucher code. So, you can gift your vouchers to your friends or relatives who can use them for any of our expeditions. Just use the “Gift a voucher” tab on your dashboard.

How do I earn more using Referrals?

  • You can refer friends or anyone for that matter. Use the “Refer a friend” tab on your dashboard to refer for any of our expeditions and get additional vouchers worth 10% of the Expedition fees.

Is there any condition for referrals?

  • The only condition is that the people they are referring should not already be a member of Bikat Adventures community and the expedition that you are referring for should of minimum 3 days.

When would any voucher become active for me? At the time of booking or after the expedition?

  • Except for Inaugural voucher, all other vouchers are activated immediately at the time of generation i.e. booking an expedition. However, Inaugural voucher would be activated only after the expedition is complete and the participant has finally been part of the team attempting the expedition.

How is longer validity at different levels of Membership a benefit?

  • The longer the validity, the more vouchers you can accumulate to redeem on Bikat Expeditions.

I need to know more about Bikat Vouchers. What should I do?  

  • Refer to the FAQs for Bikat Vouchers for all your queries regarding the same.

What should I do if I am facing other issues related to membership?

What is the Process to apply for membership?

  • Well not much complication in the process. It’s simple 3 steps:
  • Log on to
  • If you already have an account,
    1. Login to your account & get relevant links on your dashboard
    2. Complete your profile information
    3. Apply for membership in case you are eligible under the above mentioned categories. We would review and approve your membership within 4 working days.
  • If you don’t have an existing account on our website,
    1. Create a new account and follow steps as mentioned above.

Although we have foolproof processes to upgrade your membership plans but in case you feel we missed you, do write to us a strong mail at with details listed above (Name, email, etc.) along with details of the expeditions that you have done with us. We assure you to reply within 2 working days.

Listed Rocks

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