Kanishka S

Kanishka is a part of the Content Team at Bikat Adventures. She holds a Masters in Development Studies from IIT Madras. A certified Zumba Instructor and an avid photographer, she is usually found taking Zumba classes or experimenting with photography when not writing. Her love for the mountains began in the year 2012 when she had her first glimpse of an alpenglow suffused Himalayan range in Himachal. Some of her photography can be found on her Instagram handle: @kanishka_sv. You can also reach her via email: kanishka@bikatadventures.com.

Articles by this Author
Mountaineering Our Expedition to Mt. Nun
05 September 2019 | Kanishka S

The date in our office calendar read 2nd of August, 2019. A Security Advisory had been issued by the Home Department of Jammu and Kashmir, following which tourists were scrambling out of the state. Hi

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Mountaineering Announcement The Rating Scale of Bikat Adventures
22 September 2019 | Kanishka S

If you have landed on this page then it is likely you wanted to learn more about the difficulty rating of the trek you were going to book. You are probably wondering what the difference between a tre

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Treks Auden's Col: To do or Not to?
06 October 2019 | Kanishka S

Two weeks ago, on the 23rd of September, two weary trekkers with their porters approached our camp at around half past seven in the evening. They were from a different trekking group and were attempti

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Mountaineering Mt. Deo Tibba: 300 metres to summit
18 October 2019 | Kanishka S

On the 11th of June this year, a little after the sun had risen to clear blue skies, mild confusion clouded the snow clad slopes of Mt. Deo Tibba. The source of this confusion lay in a cryptic me

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Mountaineering Mt. Gangotri III: A Lesson In Climbing
02 December 2019 | Kanishka S

Sometime on the eighth day of our expedition to Mt. Gangotri III this year, one of our climbers for the first time wondered out loud if we should continue the summit attempt. Our team had returned to

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Mountaineering Black Peak: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
16 December 2019 | Kanishka S

On the 11th day of our expedition in October this year, Arjun (our Assistant Expedition Leader) found himself in a precarious position. He was 200 metres below summit camp with our team members. H

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Mountaineering 9 Expeditions to Challenge You this 2020
06 January 2020 | Kanishka S

If you have had a look at our Rating Scale, you would have noticed that we only have expeditions up to level 8. Levels 9 and 10 are, at the moment, empty. This is because we are still perfecting

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Know How How To Choose A Backpack
14 January 2020 | Kanishka S

Choosing the right backpack isn’t an easy task. You have expensive, branded packs on one end, economical, non-branded ones on the other and so many options in between!  

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Mountaineering The Origin: An Untold Story of the Founders of Bikat Adventures
03 May 2020 | Kanishka S

The first time I looked into the rating scale on our website, I couldn’t help but wonder why we had to rate the difficulty level of our treks on a scale of 1 to 10. Wouldn’t it suffice to

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Informative Do I really need to get Trek Insurance?
03 May 2020 | Kanishka S

A little after insurance for adventure activities was introduced in India, we made it mandatory for every member embarking on a trek with us to be insured. Time and again, we have received q

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