Abhishaik Sud

On an endless quest to explore, I document new trails and lead treks for Bikat Adventures. For more stories, find me @crorestoexplore

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Informative Experiential Seven Reasons Why You Should Go For The Annapurna Base Camp Trek
17 January 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

People who relish the mountain trails have a thousand reasons that make them strap rucksacks onto their backs and head out for their next great adventure. If you're reading this, I'm assuming that you

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Informative Highlights Of Kalihani Pass
26 July 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

In our endeavor to explore new trails for you and uncovering hidden gems scattered all over the Himalayas, we got an opportunity to set out for Manali and check out an enthralling high altitude pass -

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Informative Kalihani Pass Trek - An Insight
30 July 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

On A Quest To Bag My First Exploration Trek   Your precise role in a group excursion greatly defines how you perceive the entire experience and prior to this past week, I had played the roles o

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Picture Blogs A Visual Narration of Kalihani Pass Trek
30 July 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

  Kalihani Pass Trek Photo Story   The Kalihani Pass Trek, a stunning trail near Manali, Himachal Pradesh is a paradox of sorts. The trail has an intriguing story and quite a vital r

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Informative Offbeat Treks Near Manali
26 August 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

Trekking enthusiasts who find Manali to be an accessible destination have certainly heard of the run-of-the-mill treks like Hampta Pass, Beas Kund and Bhrigu Lake. In an effort to introduce some pari

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Informative Trail-Running 101
21 October 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

Undoubtedly, patrons of our brand are fit individuals who love nature and the outdoors and are energetic adventure-enthusiasts. It wouldn’t be surprising if they already are trail-running regula

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Informative Mount Everest : How to get there?
14 December 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

Reading the answer to this seemingly complex question will only take about 10 minutes of your time. However, the entire process from planning to preparing to summiting to a safe return from the highes

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Latest Updates
24 December 2019 | Abhishaik Sud

COVID 19 UPDATE    Due to the current scenario and keeping in mind the travel advisory issued by the Indian Government, please note that we have called off all our treks starting from 28th

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20 January 2020 | Abhishaik Sud


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Experiential Maharashtra Memoirs: Hiking in the Sahyadris
06 February 2020 | Abhishaik Sud

  There is so much hiking to be done in the Western Ghats that Bikat Adventures just couldn’t stay away from the lure of the Sahyadris any longer. Once the decision to launch operations in

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Latest Updates Chadar 2023 Update
11 November 2021 | Abhishaik Sud

The Thing Nobody Will Tell You This Chadar 2023   This blog is meant to circulate information that nobody is sharing with you.  

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