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How Women Can Be Better At Trekking Compared To Men

Priya Meghwal

Last updated: 01-03-2015

Trekking is usually the first and the most repeatedly pursued adventure activity, especially among young adults, both men and women. However, just like any intense physical activity, the capacity of women to cope & perform here too is doubted. They are caged as nervous and socially vulnerable beings. Several instances, science, and social bias back this view. And, men fetch the slot as better trekkers. Fortunately, these are more of a myth. Lets dispel them.

How Women Can Be Better At Trekking Compared To Men

Physical Strength Studies suggest body strength is directly proportional to the quantity of muscles. Men usually have one-third more muscle mass than women. Also, men have high upper body strength than women, while the lower body strength is nearly equal in both. This lower body strength in women is especially their biggest advantage in trekking for long at a stretch. This even helps in balancing, which is another vital requirement on a challenging terrain.

Body Flexibility Longer and more elastic muscles in women than men, pegs them higher on flexibility. In addition, females are usually lightweight. This again immensely favors women during trekking, especially in difficult terrain. They are able to hike, jump, and climb with ease.

Health & Fitness Needless to say, fitness and a right Body Mass Index (BMI) are a couple of ideal prerequisites for trekking, especially if you are 30 yrs+. In addition, the effect of similar training on both the genders is equal, according to a body's capacity. Therefore, while men are physically stronger than women, the difference can be reduced with a disciplined training, especially involving the cardiovascular muscles, endurance, and lower body strength.

Mental Strength Women are naturally more patient, perseverant, and determined than men, especially during stressful phases.

Despite all these 'qualifications,' tragically, weak social thought processes chain down Indian women. They need encouragement and support from the family and close friends. However, essentially, you as a woman need to pick up your own fight. One life, don't let anyone else steer it. Rise and 'trek' up to the base camp of your 'own' life. Life changes for good from there!

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