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Apply to become an Expedition Leader with Bikat Adventures

Ritvij Kumar

Last updated: 26-01-1996

This is the central role for our company and there is no way to directly join us in this role from outside. We do not hire for this job from outside but the role is the next step for those hired as Asst Expedition Leaders(apply for it). Hence, the role is explained here in order to describe what would be the job on offer eventually (once the Training is over).

a. WhyThere is only one company in India and we proud to be that company which does not believe in vertical careers for adventure professionals. We do hire people for treks to start with but those who join us have no limitation of exposure. We are the only adventure company that has established itself in operating Treks, Mountain Cycling Expeditions, Mountaineering Expeditions, Rock Climbing sessions, Adventure Learning programs for schools & corporates. They are all extremely diverse fields and need a lot of time, effort, energy, and most importantly training before one can excel in them. If you want to become a complete adventure professional and not limit yourself to either Zipline in schools or Treks in Uttarakhand or only school camps, then think differently.

b. How is it working with us – Challenging! That is the word and nothing less. We are not a company where you handle only bits and pieces. When we say you are the leader, then you are the leader. You must know about kitchen, people (& their health), staff working for you & their work plans, evacuation plans, first aid procedures, communication & briefings, transport and equipment. People ask you questions and you solve their problems. They look up to you! You are the Leader!

c. Rewards – Salary is only the first part to this section and we would not give any figures here. Adequate Fixed & Variable components are part of the monetary remuneration and the growth is directly linked to your Skills & Performance. Here are the real rewards, beyond Money

           i. Career Growth – Your career starts as Trek Leader and you gradually grow in the value chain. Next steps are decided based on aptitude and interest. However the options to grow careers is by learning new skills – Mountain Cycling, Adventure Program for schools, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering & logistics Management. Whatever may be the direction, an exposure in all these areas is certain before you either specialize in one or become managers.

          ii. Personal Development  – We invest heavily in training of our guys. Even the full time cook working Bikat Adventures is a certified mountaineer. The leaders are assessed and development plans are finalized to cover desired areas among English Communication, Mountaineering skills, Life skills or others. Your expenses for executing these development goals are reimbursed and time is provided (of course with planning)

         iii. Training – Apart from the personal development goals, mandatory trainings are provided from time to time on following skills:

                   1. Certified First Aid Course (with professional agencies like Red Cross, Vivo, etc.)

                   2. Customized Search & Rescue Course with NIM, Uttarkashi – This is a new course that will be introduced for our leaders from 2017 but only for select Leaders

                   3. Crisis Management

                   4. Team Management

                   5. Process Orientation

                   6. Effective Communication

                   7. Innovation & Resourcefulness

d. Eligibility Criteria:

       i.      Graduation in any field

      ii.      Proficient in Written & Spoken Hindi

     iii.      Proficient in Written & Spoken English (at least Basic Level)

     iv.      At least Basic Mountaineering Course with A grade, Advance certification with A grade highly preferable

     v.      Prior experience as Trek Leader is preferable

    vi.      Basic Computer Knowledge of Email & MS Office

e. Route Tasks to perform:

        i.      Leading Trekking Teams on Multi Day Himalayan Treks

       ii.      Coordinating with Operations Manager on various aspects

      iii.      Preparing Trek Reports

2. (Asst.) Expedition Leader – This is nothing but an entry & assessment role for becoming Expedition Leader with us. The role is just a shadow of that of the Expedition Leader.

a. How to Apply - Fill in the form on the following link. You will get an Interview Call from our Team.

b. Selection Procedure – There is a 4 stage selection procedure for this role:

      i.      Shortlisting – Once you apply using the link above, your profile is screened and a representative from Bikat Adventures would call you if suitable to line up for next round

     ii.      Screening – A face to face (real or virtual) interview is taken by one of the Directors at Bikat Adventures to assess the basic potential of the individual

    iii.      Assessment Centre – Candidates okayed in the Screening round would be assessed further in the Adventure Professional’s Workshop that happens from time to time when the hiring are open

    iv.      Test Assignment(s) – Select candidates would be sent on test assignment(s) or treks as Trainee. Usually one assignment is enough but in many cases the same can be extended to 2. During these assignments you are not paid any per diem fee but a stipend of INR 500 for every 3 days of assignment. Your travel, boarding and lodging is taken care of.

Select candidates clearing all the above rounds would be offered the role of Asst. Expedition Leader

c. Tenure as Asst. Expedition Leader – This tenure is not fixed. It is never less than 6 months but can extend till 1.5 years before an offer to become Expedition Leader is extended

Ritvij Kumar

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