Rupin Pass Trek Blogs

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Last updated: 01-02-2018

Rupin Pass Trek Blogs


Rupin Pass Trek is a high altitude trek in Uttarakhand region. If there is any trek that gives close competition to Roopkund, it is Rupin. Each day, you are greeted with new surprises on the trek. The shift in the scenery will make your jaw drop. And the local village culture in a homestay will win your hearts. Know more about the flora and fauna, features, and enthralling views of Rupin Pass below. 

1. Legends of Rupin Pass

On the final day of our trek, I got the chance to ask our wonderful local guides, Jairam (who has been guiding trekkers for 14 years) and Deepak (who has for 10 yrs) to let me in on the secrets about this place.

What are those legends?

STORY 1 - Healing Grass and a Greedy Shepherd

Once upon a time, a sheep of a shepherd broke its leg while grazing. When he brought the sheep down to his village, its leg was miraculously healed. He returned to the mountains to find the mystic healing source and to his astonishment, it was .... Read more

STORY 2 - Revenge of the Mountain Spirit

When they awoke the next morning, however, the blue skies had vanished, replaced by an angry, grey sky that erupted into a vicious blizzard. The camp was destroyed. What happened next? Read more

Rupin Pass Trek Blogs

2. Can you find these 10 hidden gems on Rupin Pass?

The trails of Rupin Pass are notorious for their ever-changing beauty, but what does that mean? When you go on this trek next time, don't forget to spot these treasures on your way.

  1. Two homestays in rural Himalayan villages in Sewa and Jhaka
  2. An ancient Shiva Temple that opens every 12 years.
  3. The raging waterfall
  4. Blooming valleys of Rhododendron flowers
  5. The occasional pooja at the altar on the top of Rupin Pass ...  Read more

Rupin Pass Trek Blogs

3. Rupin Pass Statistics with Fun

The highest altitude you achieve on Rupin Pass is 4.650m.

But did you know 

It is equivalent to 15.5 Eiffel Towers or 50 Statues of Liberty or  2,735 average-sized men standing one on top of the other.

Or the calories you burn is approximately 119 paranthas or 203 Gulab Jamuns.

For more fun stats like this, Read more.

Rupin Pass Trek Blogs

4. Rupin Pass Trek Flora and Fauna

The trails of Rupin Pass are rich in exquisite flora and fauna. It is not just the trees and sparrows you will see on your trek. You will be greeted with never-seen-before creatures and flowers blooming in your way.

What flora and fauna can you expect to see on Rupin Pass?

Himalayan Birch: That bark that ancient scholars used to inscribe their learnings, yeah, it was the bark of Himalayan Birch tree. 

Rhododendron: It is your elixir for being thirsty, sad or sick. The beautiful flower has remedies for every illness. No wonder it is 

Fiddlehead ferns: Ever heard about them? It is your new multi-vitamin. Though they have some carcinogenic properties too. Refrain from an overdose. read more

Rupin Pass Trek Blogs

5. Top attractions to visit in Sangla & Chitkul

Sangla is where Rupin Pass Trek ends. Chitkul, another scenic village near Sangla is where Borasu Pass Trek ends. Set on the banks of Baspa River, one can enjoy the exceptional views of the Himalayas from the valley. The scenic villages of Sangla let you experience the simplistic lifestyle of Kinnaur.

To make the best of your time, here are all the places you can visit in Sangla & Chitkul:

1. Kamru Fort

2. Bering Nag Temple

3. Chitkul Village

4. Brelengi Gompa

5. Batseri

Click here for more places to visit

Rupin Pass Trek Blogs

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