Fun Rupin Pass Trek Statistics

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Last updated: 14-06-2017

Okay so we know the max altitude or Rupin Pass and the kilometers you have to travel to get there, but just for fun, what if we mixed things up a little bit?


Fun Rupin Pass Trek Statistics


What do the statistics of the Rupin Pass trek look like in everyday terms? How many Hershey’s bars-worth of calories will you burn on this trek, or how many Eiffel Towers will you gain in elevation? Let’s take a look…


Fun Rupin Pass Trek Statistics


By the time you step into Sangla at the close of your Rupin trek:


You will have hiked to 4,650 meters.

That's the equivalent of 15.5 Eiffel Towers

50 Statues of Liberty

or 2,735 average-sized men standing one on top of the other.


You will burn 30,723 calories.

That's how many calories are in approximately 119 paranthas

203 balls of gulab jamun

or 307 spoons of Nutella


You will have hiked 54 kilometers.

That's like walking across 395,900 bars of Hershey's chocolate

or 30,875 Justin Biebers laying down one after the other


Your lungs will inhale 239,400 times

A person normally breathes 161,280 times in a week


Your heart will beat 982,800 times.

Your heart normally beats 806,400 times every 7 days

That's 176,400 extra beats every week.

That's 9,172,800 extra beats every year.

Enough beats for 80 extra days of living.


Moral of this story: trek longer, live longer. It's science.*


*Disclaimer: we are not scientists, but it's fun to pretend sometimes.

Now that you have the statistics on Rupin Pass Trek, have a glimpse of the major highlights of this trek.


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