Must visits on your way to Kudremukh

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Last updated: 18-09-2018

Planning a trip with your gang can be a real challenge, but time and again we do manage to get an adventure together. The thing is, sometimes we are so focused on the destination that we forget to leave room for all the incredible mini-adventures that can be found along the way.

So to all our Bangalore peeps, this one is for you. You have so many treks in the Western Ghats that making a choice is tough. Let me help save you from the endless pain and arguments which are involved in the decision making.  By the end of this article, you will be getting your cars ready and booking your hotels for the blissful weekend that awaits you.

Kudremukh trek can be the perfect weekend plan for you and your gang.

The adventure will begin as soon as you begin your road trip towards Kudremukh. There will be so many stops in between the origin and the final destination that reaching Kudremukh on time is hardly possible, but so worth it.  I suggest that you consider keeping good buffer time for this journey.

So turn on the music and start the drive!

Here Are all the highlights of the Kudremukh Trek. 

Must visits on your way to Kudremukh

Kuduremukha is a mountain range located in Chikkamagaluru district, in Karnataka. It is also the third highest peak in the state, standing tall at 6,027ft.  The Kudremukh trek can be completed in one day. Therefore, it leaves us with enough time and energy to explore the town and all the places that lie in its vicinity.

Before you reach the base camp of the Kudremukh trek, I suggest that you explore the Chikmagalur district. Let's have a look at all things you must do while you are in Chikmagalur.

The first thing that you will notice about Chikmagalur will be its greenery. It is surrounded by tall and short peaks, coffee, tea, and spice plantations. The air here is a pleasant mix of aromas from all the plantations.

As there are many plantations surrounding the district, you can go on coffee tasting tours and get some fresh coffee beans, some fresh spices or some of the most exquisite tea leaves back home.

A small town called Kasala should also be on your must-visit list. The temples here have the most breath-taking architecture. The shrine of goddess Bhagavathi and the Sri Kalaseshwara temple are the ones you cannot afford to miss.

After spending some time at Chikmagalur and packing your bags with the freshest coffee, tea, and spices, you can head straight to the base camp. From here you will start the highlight of the trip. The trek is picturesque and has one of the most beautiful trails. The entire trail of this trek is 18km and can be easily covered in one day.

Must visits on your way to Kudremukh

This trek begins from the Forest Office and it takes about 5 – 6 hours to reach the top.  Some necessary permissions are needed before you start this trek. All of which can be taken care of at the Forest Office.

While you are on this trek, you must visit the National park here. The Kudremukh National Park is spread across an area of 600 square kilometers and is jeweled with natural beauty. The diverse flora and fauna here make it a paradise for nature lovers. It is perfect for bird watching and relaxing.

Must visits on your way to Kudremukh

After you complete the trek and return to the base, you can take a small tour of the Janta market. This market is the shopaholic’s dream. You can treat your taste buds with some local cuisine or shop for souvenirs to take back. This market is the perfect place to spend your evening after a long day at a trek.

The next day you can gear up and take a small drive to Lakhya dam. It is built on the Lakhya tributary of river Bhadra. The height of the dam is around 100ft and is a man-made marvel that one must see at least once in their lives.

Another short drive from the Lakhya dam will take you near the Gangamoola hill. You can only drive up to a point here, and then you will have to take a short hike. The Gangamoola hill is a UNESCO world heritage site. The sources of river Tunga, Bhadra and Nethravathi are present here. This place is also very rich in minerals and is also known as the bird hotspot.

Must visits on your way to Kudremukh

Another short hike and you will arrive at the shower from heaven. The Hanuman Gundi falls are one of the most majestic waterfalls of the state. The water falls from a height of more than 100ft feet and hits the rocks below with a powerful force. The sounds of water falling and flowing are something that provides a sense of calm. Take a dip in the cold, refreshing water and sip some of the fresh coffee you got from the markets over here.

This marks the end of a weekend will undoubtedly treasure for years to come. You can head back to Chikmagalur and stay for a night, or start your drive back towards Bangalore.

The amazing pictures in your cell phone’s gallery and the delicious coffee in your kitchen, once you get back, will remind you of the epic adventure you’ve just returned from.


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