Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

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Last updated: 01-01-2018

Kuari Pass which is a ‘doorway to heaven’ stands true to its name because of the heavenly views you witness during the trail and from the top. It is also called Lord Curzon Trail, named after the Viceroy of India. The glorious peaks as Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri, to name a few, make it an ideal choice for trekking. The Rhododendron, Oak, and Pine forest, all add to the aesthetic value of this trek.


Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

What Makes Kuari Pass With Bikat Adventures Pure Awesomeness?

Planning a trip is an arduous task and why not have somebody else to do it for you? Bikat Adventures is your perfect catalyst because of the exciting itinerary they have.

1) A unique itinerary that ends at Auli. 

2) An impressive display of many mountain peaks.

3) Sneak into rural life.

4) Camping in the middle of a forest...Read more

Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

 Why Is Kuari Pass Also Called Lord Curzon Trail?

Like how every person has a past, so does every place. Kuari Pass is called as Lord Curzon Trail because Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India was the first one to explore it in 1905. Even though the Forest Department has laid the stones for the trail then why is it named after Lord Curzon? Learn its History here.


Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

Challenges You Face On Kuari Pass As A Beginner

The moment one decides to go on a trek, they decide to step out of their comfort zone. Just like how every coin has a flip side, so does trekking. The challenges become more vivid when you’re a beginner. Challenges come in all shapes and size like -

1) Pre-trek exhaustion.

2) The all-new first experiences.

3) Vertigo and new phobias.

Don’t worry there are solutions to this as well Read more


Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

Why Must You Combine Kuari Pass & Pangarchulla Peak For Best ROI?

Who doesn’t want more returns for lesser investment?! Then why not apply the same rule when it comes to traveling? Only by giving yourself a little push, you can double the outcome of your trip. Picking the ‘road less taken’ towards Pangarchulla Peak while returning back from the Kuari Pass can be best decision you ever made, because,

1) This will be your limit pusher because of greater difficulty. 

2) One extra day into the wild where you can let lose yourself.

3) Brag about the gigantic peak you climb.

4) The breathtaking views you can experience from the top.

5) Leasons for the difficult treks in the future ...Read more


Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

4 Days, 4 Winsome Campsites On Kuari Pass-Pangarchulla Trek.

One parameter to judge the celestial beauty of your trek is by knowing your campsites.

  • The multi-storey Gulling Campsite which is 4 kilometers from Dhak village is amidst walnut and pine forest.
  • Khullara campsite which is called as The Grand Living Hall as it is one vast open land with a perennial water steam flowing to its side.
  • Gelaghad is like stills from the movie Interstellar with humongous rocks, golden hills and a sky filled with stars.
  • Tali is surrounded by thick Rhododendron forest with Tali Lake 2 kilometers away.
  • Gorson Bugyal, the Mini-Switzerland of India because of the unbelievable views it offers.

The water sources, temperature, and network coverage vary from place to place Read more

Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

What All Peaks You See On Kuari Pass-Pangarchulla Trek?

A little research hurt nobody. Knowing the place before comes handy on your trek and also the adrenaline rush motivates you. A blog on all the peaks that can be seen on your Kuari Pass-Pangarchulla Trek can be your informative guide.

1) Mt Dronagiri

2) Nanda Devi

3) Hathi Ghori Parbat

4) Chaukhamba

5) Neelkanth... Read more


Kuari Pass Trek Blogs

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