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How To Select A Rucksack ( Part 1: Common Errors Of Rucksack Selection )

Pankaj Deshwal

Last updated: 04-03-2015

You have signed up for an upcoming trek or a hike! Excited you must be. First thing that comes to your mind, to buy or not to buy a bag - A Bag? We’ll call it Rucksack/sack from now on.

We need to know common pitfalls of a rucksack selection but before that let’s have a look at what’s going on in the buyer’s head -

3 Buyers 3 Possibilities

Three Type of buyers

Broke ones - In student life or bachelor life most of us don’t have enough money to go straight to a fancy showroom and throw in those wads of cash on the counter and buy the fanciest of rucksack available. So, what do we do, scrounge around find a bag which can accommodate all our stuff from the packing list you just downloaded and voilà you are ready.

Broken Heart – You bought the cheap stuff from the local market without paying attention to the details and you had a bad time during the last trip . Now come whatever may you gonna buy an expensive one this time.

Loaded with cash – Now you want to follow your passion and follow your dreams at any cost and the good thing is you have enough money, so you go to that fancy store throw in the money and buy the most expensive sack available.

3 possibilities which might spoil your experience

Possibility #1 – You took out a bag, A BAG from the cupboard which was gathering dust for years and it gave in on the first 20 steps of the hike and now you are doomed.

Possibility#2 – You spent a lot of money on the sack from that expensive store and after 15 minutes into the hike became a pain in butt as it’s not fitting well.

Possibility#3 – You bought something that looks like a sack from a flea market and it tears apart during transportation to the base point even before the trek started.

How To Select A Rucksack ( Part 1: Common Errors Of Rucksack Selection )

So that means you got to have a proper rucksack if you want to do a trek properly. But a proper ruck sack necessarily doesn’t mean a branded one.

How To Select A Rucksack ( Part 1: Common Errors Of Rucksack Selection )

Rucksack is a specialized items and as in case of most of the specialized items first and the foremost you should be able to answer one simple question. What do you want? Basically what’s your requirement?

Now that we have seen what can be the pitfalls in rucksack selection, in the next article we will see how knowing your requirements beforehand can help you select a better rucksack

Pankaj Deshwal

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