6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek

Kiritika Jyotshi

Last updated: 28-12-2018

Trekking in the Himalayas cannot be considered a leisure activity. You have to push your limits sometimes and adjust according to the highly uncertain weather conditions. The mountains do present a challenge for the ones trying to scale them and conquer their magnanimous beauty.

But the Kumta Gokarna trek is not your average trek and it would not cross every trekker's mind when they think and plan of choosing a trek. It has gained some popularity in recent years.

6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek

But the challenges you face during the Kumta Gokarna beach hopping trek are quite different. When you are face to face with the pristine beaches and walk across the beautiful shores with your feet deep in the sands, the only challenge you face is leaving behind the enchanting scenes. Apart from this, you only have to make sure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest and do not miss a single chance of having fun. Also, make sure that your gallery explodes with breathtaking captures all along the trail.

I am sure you are already looking at your calendar trying to figure out a long weekend and making calls to all your friends, convincing them to tag along on the trek.

Let’s make things simpler by making the trek irresistible for your peers and you.


6 Reasons to do Kumta Gokarna Beach trek:


1.) Hopp across beaches one after other

This trek is all about making your way across more than 15 beaches from Kumta to Gokarna and trust me, each and every beach will leave you drooling over its magnificence. Starting from Kumta beach you walk towards Vannalli beach which leads you into a grassland. The Mangodlu beach welcomes you next followed by Kadle beach, Niravan beach and finally, Heaven beach becomes your home for the night.


If you thought this day was beautiful and you the ‘seen it all’ feeling then just hold that thought of yours. You are in for more surprises. The day starts from Heaven beach. What would never happen in an average trek, awaits you. As you start walking from Heaven beach, you reach the banks of Aghanshini river. A ferry ride will take you across the river. You land upon the Belekhaan beach which is followed by a forest. Paradise beach is your next stop. Small hell beach, Half Moon beach, Om beach, and Kudle beach are next on the trail. The final beach on the list is Gokarna beach. This will mark the end of the marvelous 3-day beach hopping. Each and every beach on the trail will leave you mesmerized.


6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek


2.) The Ferry Ride 

As I mentioned above, a ferry ride will take you across the Aghanshini river. You must not underestimate that little ride. One, it will be a treat for your tired feet. Secondly, the views you witness while you peacefully ride on the little boat are to die for. This ride will possibly be one of the best parts of the trek. Also, you do not get any such opportunities on other treks. So hey! Let’s appreciate the little surprise.


6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek

6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek


3.) Camping on the sand under million stars 

Another heart stealer is the camping at the Heaven beach. There is no other experience like camping under a million stars with the sound of the waves hitting the shore lull you to sleep. The best sleep you get is in nature’s lap and believe me this will be one of those days when you will sleep like a baby.


6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek


4.) Lots of coconut water and sumptuous food

You will have a chance to enjoy and savour the local cuisine at many beaches along the trail.  Even though most of the beaches will be pristine and untouched you will occasionally come across more commercial beaches like the Nirvana beach, where you can stop for refreshments. Having fresh coconut water along with the local dishes will give you the energy to keep going.


6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek


5.) Make your weekend happening 

A three-day trek is a great option for those who want to spend their weekend doing something adventurous yet want to have a relaxing time. The hike through beaches is not very treacherous and does not require any training making it easier and doable for everyone. The hike is slow paced and requires minimal effort from the trekkers. Plus, who wouldn’t love walking along the beach?


6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek


6.) Make memories and befriend nature 

Lastly, the trek is so unique and easy to do that there is no possible reason you could have to not do this trek over the next long weekend you have available. This trek will give you a chance to get outdoors and away from city life. Spending three days on different beaches will also give you a chance to spend some quality time with your family or friends.


6 Reasons To Do Kumta-Gokarna Trek


After all, they do say ‘Life spent at beaches is a life well spent’. So instead of hanging around the same mall or having lunch at the same restaurant try doing the Kumta-Gokarna trek. You will make memories which you will cherish forever and the added advantage of having the coolest Instagram feed has never hurt anyone. Also, this trek is a hit for the 2019 bucket list, so why not explore it a little.

So it’s time to get that rucksack out of the cupboard. Pack your sunscreen and put those sunglasses on. A weekend full of sand castles, sunshine and coconut water awaits.


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