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Last updated: 17-02-2018

Markha Valley is one of the most sought-after treks in Ladakh region. The  remoteness of the region attracts many trekkers to its trails. The far-reachingValleys of Markha enclose rich fauna in the region and house the most humble people on the earth. Often known as tea-house trek, It is not just a trek it is a cultural experience which takes you closer to Ladakhi culture. 

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Markha Valley: your gateway to Ladakhi Culture

If you want to venture in the wild and experience a unique culture on the way, Markha Valley provides you the best of both worlds.

Markha Valley is not just another trek in Ladakh. It is more of a cultural trek. It is your gateway to a new kind of experience- Ladakhi experience. Take a closer look at the mountain culture in the remote areas of Ladakh on your journey.

Here is what you can expect:

1. Buddhism in its truest and undiluted form

2. The contrast in the landscapes

3. The richsome Ladakhi lifestyle

4. Eco-friendly practice in the villages

5. Farm-grown organic fruits and vegetables

6. Working wives and stay-at-home husbands... Read more

Markha Valley trek blogs

Epitome of Remoteness - Markha Valley Trek

The purpose of every trek is to take you to faraway places away from the civilization where you can get close to nature. While other popular treks are crwoded with trekkers, Markha Valley  will truly give you a taste of remoteness.

Markha Valley is one of the few treks that lets you be the pioneer in the wild. There are more chances of you bumping into a wild creature than another human.

Here is how to take advantage of the remoteness of the region:

  1. See the Milky Way in the middle of noght with your naked eyes. 
  2. Learn to enjoy the silence and the solitude
  3. Comnnect with people from the remote Ladakhi villages
  4. Spot wildlife on the trail.
  5. Day dream or take a nap by the side of the lake.

Read more about how Pooja Dhiman made the best use of the remoteness.

Markha Valley trek blogs

Smelling my stinky socks on the Markha Valley Trek

What happened when four girls and two guides set out on a journey in the wild valleys of Ladakh? 

Pooja shares her experience on Markha Valley Trek and how its raw beauty and wildlife captiovated her senses. 

Read in detail about her experience on Markha Valley Trek


Markha Valley trek blogs

Markha Valley- not an easy trek

Markha Valley is a beautiful trek in Ladakh where you peregrinate for 60 odd kilometers nder the sun crossing two Himalayan Passes, and spotting exotic wildlife on the trail. It goves you a whole new perspective on Ladakhi culture 

It is fun. But it's not an easy trek.

If you thought Markha Valley was an easy grade trek, let these reasons pop your bubble.

  1. Getting succumbed to AMS: That's one thing about treks in Leh. You already start your trek from a high altitude. Hvaing ample time for acclimatization is impertinent.
  2. Rough Terrain: The trail of Marklha Valley trek is all about acrre and steep descends. Make sure you have good shoes with ankle support.
  3. Strenuous walks: On Markha Valley Trek, you will be walking long distances for 8-10 hours that too under scorching sun. Stay hydrated.
  4. Unpredictable weather: Mostly it is super sunny, bu there can be days of unpredictable rainfalsl and windy evenings. 


Markha Valley trek blogs

Wildlife you stumble across while trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh region may raw in termsof beauty but it is enriching in terms of wildlife. When you come across indigenous species in the regio, you don't realize you are in India anymore. 

You hardly have seen these species at zoos which is why you ought to go to Ladakh to epxerience the fauna of the region.

It’s a completely different feeling to spot them in the wild, their natural habitat, their home rather than admiring them during a safari or a national park visit. Let's see if you come across any of these beautiful creatures during the Markha Valley trek or Stok Kangri expedition:

  1. Blue Sheep or Bharal
  2. 2. Himalayan Marmots
  3. Pikas
  4. The symbol of love; Chukar
  5. Alpine Chouph
  6. The well-known Yaks 

Read in detail about these species

Markha Valley trek blogs

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