Hampta Pass Trek Blogs

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Last updated: 08-04-2019

Hampta Pass Trek Blogs


Hampta pass is a high altitude trek in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most awe-inspiring treks offering breathtaking views of the lush green Kullu valley and the crisp opposite barren desert landscape of Spiti, making it a perfect crossover trek. Know more about the striking and diverse features with fascinating views of Hampta Pass below.



1. What makes Hampta Pass a complete trek?

Hampta pass at an altitude of 4270m (14040 ft) lies on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas. It is a gateway to the Lahaul and Spiti from Kullu. This trek is one of the most beautiful treks in the Himalayas where the campsites are within arm's length of the majestic peaks such as Indrasan. The contrast of Lahaul and Spiti landscape which smacks you when least expected and the stunning Chandratal lake which is the icing on the cake will make this trek an unforgettable experience.


Hampta Pass Trek Blogs


There are a diverse variety of wild flowers and herbs which can be seen at this altitude of 3000 to 3800m. Between the luxuriant green valleys of Kullu and the barren Lahaul valley lies some of the most stunning upright rock walls, waterfalls, pine and birch trees, rhododendrons forests, meadows which are vastly spread out, bone-chilling yet diamond white streams and rivers, hanging glaciers, 6000m peaks and the pass itself... Read more.



Hampta Pass Trek Blogs


2. 5 highlights of Hampta Pass trek

Gifted with picturesque campsites, luscious meadows, euphoric climb to a pass and jaw-dropping landscapes of the Spiti valley, the Hampta Pass trek has always found a way to surprise trekkers at every point during every day

1. Dense forest on the way to Chika

2. Meadows after Jobra and at Jwara

3. Scree and Moraines towards the pass crossing

4. Snow pass and snow bridges

5. Barren mountains of Lahaul and Spiti...Read more

Hampta Pass Trek Blogs


3. Why is Hampta Pass the perfect monsoon trek?

During Hampta Pass trek you will face bad weather, it is inevitable, it comes with the terrain. The chances of you encountering rainfall during the trek are almost 100%. Sometimes, a slight rainfall with cloudy weather or an extreme downpour for all 5 days making it absolutely maddening but mostly for 2 or 3 days with discontinuous rainfall is a guarantee. However, the monsoon adds a certain amount of charm to this particular trail. For people who choose to do this trek post monsoon, you are in for a treat, the valley will be so colorful with green grass and wildflowers, absolutely mesmerizing to say the least. For anyone wanting to know more about why this is the best monsoon trek, please read here.


Hampta Pass Trek Blogs


4. The bone-chilling stream crossing

A trek to Hampta Pass is incomplete without one of its many infamous stream crossings. Because of the high altitude and the cold weather, the streams and rivers are brutally cold yet have a diamond white appearance because of its rundown from the glacier. It is very important to know how to cross these ferocious streams.


Hampta Pass Trek Blogs


Hampta Pass Trek being a complete monsoon trek gives you the pleasure of crossing over two unique landscapes with stark contrasts. From the lush green valley of Kullu to the moon-land type landscape of Lahaul and Spiti over a glaciated pass, you get to experience sceneries like never before, mountains towering all around you and witness a splendid display of flora making you wish to do this trek any number of times.

Don't think twice. Do it. Do it now.

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