Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

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Last updated: 19-05-2017

If someone asks me about one good feature of Bhrigu Lake, I will find it hard to answer the question. Because there is no one good feature.

In fact, there is a handful of attributes that makes Bhrigu Lake one of the most enthralling short treks in the Himalayas. A high altitude alpine lake, the verdant meadows, there is so much more to the Bhrigu Lake Trek than meets the eyes.

So let me walk you through all the reasons which make Bhrigu Lake a complete package of being an excellent choice for a trek.

Firstly, the ambitious climb to an altitude of 4,300 meters in JUST 2 days


No kidding!


Calling Bhrigu Lake Trek a proud accomplishment won’t be an overstatement. Climbing to an altitude of 4,300 meters in mere two days is not a piece of cake. The steep ascend makes it an ambitious challenge for the trekkers to climb up to the lake.


Even the difficult treks than Bhrigu Lake take at least 5-6 days to climb to an altitude of 4,000 meters. More so to cherish the views of a high altitude lake. Bhrigu Lake lets you achieve all this in just 2 days. BINGO!

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

Also, because it is an excellent start for the beginners


We millennials have a tendency to achieve greater heights and achieve it quick. This is why Bhrigu Lake Trek makes an excellent choice for novices who want to venture into the world of trekking.

It is a short 2-day trek with the features and challenges of a high altitude trekking. Consider  Bhrigu Lake as a warm-up trek that will train you well for higher grade treks.

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

The answer lies in the raw and rare beauty of Bhrigu Lake


Finding a high altitude lake in India is rare. Finding one like Bhrigu Lake is even rarer.


The oval-shaped, pristine lake is believed to change its colors and formations with every season. In early summer, one can see the formation of emerald green and blue ice rings on the lake. In the late months of summer, it turns into a blue lagoon.


Fascinating, no? There is a chance you and your friend may get to see a totally different avatar of the lake if you both trek in a different time and season.

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

Sure it is the charming trail of the trek


Another thing that sets Bhrigu Lake apart from other treks is its charming trails and scenery. The vast undulating meadows begin right from the start of the trek and continue as you climb mountain after mountain. The lush meadows are covered with a colorful carpet of tiny Himalayan flowers. The trees of golden pine and deodar stand tall in aplomb.

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

Walking on the trail, you may come across the wild horses grazing in the meadows. These valleys are also home to the shepherds tending their flock of sheep in the wide grasslands.

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

The amphitheater views of snow-clad peaks are like a cherry on the top. The trek offers grand views of Dhauladhar and Pir-Panjal Ranges. Seven sisters, Hanuman Tibba, and Shitidhar are few of the major Himalayan Peaks one gets to see.

In the month of May, one can expect tons of snow in Rola Khuli and Pandu Ropa. The white sheen of snow adds an incredible charm to the landscape. A treat for those who like snowy landscapes.

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

Wait! But what about the tantalizing history of the lake?


Ever wondered what was the connection of Sage Bhrigu with the lake?


According to mythology, Sage Bhrigu was saddened after Sage Vishwamitra killed all his children. The grieved Bhrigu tried to commit suicide in Beas River, but River Mother refused it. He then moved to mountains and meditated beside the lake for many years to start his new life.

Away from human civilization, the views from the top of the summit are grandeur. No wonder, Sage Bhrigu chose this place to meditate.

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

Maybe it’s the rewarding bath in the hot sulphur spring of Vashisht


Because nothing is more relaxing than a hot water bath after a tiring trek.


As you descend down the lake, you will reach Pandu Ropa (3500 m), a hamlet covered with verdant forests of pine trees. The panoramic views of Kullu Valley are simply breathtaking.


The downhill trek finally reaches to a hot sulphur spring in Vashisht, an ancient village 6 km from old Manali. Located beside Beas River, the wooden temple in the village is revered to Sage Vashisht and is about 4,000 years old.


The legend has it that Lakshman who paid a visit to Sage Vashisht realized that the sage had to go for long walks to take bath. So he shot an arrow into the ground and the hot water came gushing out. The pool is believed to have some medicinal value and is open to the public. There is another ancient stone temple adjacent to Vashisht Temple.

Bhrigu Lake : The trek with highest ROI

So what really makes Bhrigu Lake one of the most amazing treks in India? Is it the high altitude? Or its steep ascend? The intriguing history? Or the magnificent flora-fauna?


Man! I really can’t put my money on just one feature. It is the conglomeration of all the above things that makes Bhrigu Lake one of the magnificent treks.


Just 3 days in the wilderness and it offers the grandeur views of meadows, snow, high altitude alpine lake, and a starry sky at an altitude of 14,100 ft.


Need I say more?

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