5 Reasons Which Make Beas Kund Trek So Popular

Here's why Beas Kund Trek is so popular


Beas kund is a high altitude alpine lake nestled at an altitude of 3700 M surrounded by towering Himalayan peaks from all sides. The trek to bias Kund near Manali and starts from Solang Nullah which is a popular adventure sports destination mainly for paragliding & skiing. The trek has of late become very popular amongst the outdoor community. Here are a few reasons why.

5 Reasons Which Make Beas Kund Trek So Popular

1. The natural splendor of Beas Kund Trek is beyond comparison

Extending from the giant ski slopes of the Solang Valley to the meadows of Dhundi & Bakarthach, the sharp change in the landscape takes you by surprise as you leave behind the hustle & bustle of Manali. Walk from Dhundi to the picturesque meadows of Bakarthatch along Beas river and you will be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this place. This is well complemented with flora and fauna. The raw unspoiled beauty of the valley is unparalleled. Be it the countless crossing of rivers, great views of Pir Pinjal ranges, peak of the majestic Indrasan (6221 Mts.) and Deo Tibba (6001 Mts.), the pristine blue water of Beas Kund lake where Rishi Vyas who wrote Mahabharata is said to have taken bath, they collectively give an impression that one has been transported into heaven.

5 Reasons Which Make Beas Kund Trek So Popular

2. Beas Kund trek provides the most adventurous river crossings.

The experience of crossing various streams of water where you hop from one slippery rock to other is adventurous. If you come here in june you will find snow bridges to cross these water streams. As the summer progresses the snow softens and the snow bridges are replaced by wooden or metal bridges.

5 Reasons Which Make Beas Kund Trek So Popular

3. A school of Mountaineering

During the months of summer the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali (ABVIMAS) and various private agencies set up their camps here and teach their students in mountaineering and ice craft. There is an entry level peak nearby known as Friendship Peak where budding mountaineers can practice their skills. Friendship peak (HP) (5289 M) is recognized as a trekking peak by Indian Mountaineering Foundation along with two other peaks namely Ladakhi (HP)(5345 M) and Stok Kangri (j&K) (6153 M). These peaks are ideal for people taking their first step from trekking into mountaineering.

5 Reasons Which Make Beas Kund Trek So Popular

4. A trek for everyone

The convenience of time & accessibility makes Beas Kund an ideal trek one can do over a long weekend from Manali. The trek has moderate slopes with steep sections in few places which make it a preferred choice for first-time trekkers. From witnessing a high altitude alpine lake to camping amidst the towering Himalayan peaks just over a weekend, the trek has so much to offer.

5 Reasons Which Make Beas Kund Trek So Popular

5. Snow stays till late June in Beas Kund Trek.

Come here in June when the snow melts from almost all major trekking routes and you are up for a surprise. As you walk in the last section leading up to the lake, you will feel as if you are in Antarctica with not an inch of land visible without snow. As most people prefer to take holidays in June, this trek is their best bet for snow.

5 Reasons Which Make Beas Kund Trek So Popular

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