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Neelam Khanduri

Last updated: 10-01-2018

The third season of "The Adventurer Blog Contest" has come to an end and here we are with the results.

But before we announce the winners we would like to send our sincere regards to all the participants of the contest. It is because of you guys only we get to read such incredible and inspiring stories of adventure. Thank you so much and we would look forward to more contribution from you in future too. 

It is always a daunting task to select top 3 from so many splendid entries but eventually after a lot of reading and thinking over we are able to select our champion bloggers. 

And here it goes

1ST PRIZE (Bikat voucher worth INR 10000): SAPTADIPA NAYAK 

Peak to peak
The next morning we left for the base camp where we had to be for the next 12 days for ice craft and snow craft. The trek was 2 hrs long. It was a clear sunny day. As we approached the base camp oF DKD II the snow-covered peak became visible. The mountains lay in a great line like the spine of the land. It was as if long ago they were a great beast, only to lie down one day and never get up. Perhaps the beast fell into an enchanted sleep, perhaps its soul was still in there. The range was high ... Continue reading
Our judge's view: The blog is a detailed description of Basic Mountaineering Course. It does not just provide good details about the journey during the course but also shares the emotional journey of a participant. When a person experiences mountains for such long duration for the first time, then it is always an emotionally arousing experience. She has expressed herself in a very candid fashion and her diary can be a good reference for anyone planning to do a basic course. 


2ND PRIZE (Bikat voucher worth INR 6000): Brijesh Dave

A journey within.
.. and I was lost, somewhere between dawn and dusk, somewhere between horizon and oblivion, somewhere between wrong and right, I was lost. And as I turned my head upward I saw my long-lost friends sparkling in rhythm with the moon, telling me the same old story that I had overheard for years. Songs of those stars were no new, but civilization and purposeless human races had changed my taste. Since ages I was lusting for this moment just to be with my moon, naked sky, twinkling stars, and myself, not a particle more. All these years I have chased perfection. I was waiting for that.. Continue Reading
Our judge's view: The article is a typical experiential write-up with a good amount of detail with a great collection of images and “free advice”

3RD PRIZE (Bikat voucher worth INR 4000): Vikram Vora

The Journey is the reward!
The walk from Nayapool to Birethanthi was quite flat and easy but the views of mountains and the distant peaks were already getting us excited. As we moved towards Saulibazar slowly the trail started increasing its ascent and we could get a mild feeling of the path forward. In any case, the trail from Saulibazar to Kimiche was rather easy. Now started the real trek. The trail from Saulibazar to Ghandruk is a climb through a huge number of stone staircases. We continue climbing for 3-4 hours to reach Ghandruk.. Continue Reading
Our judge's view: A unique trek like ABC deserves a detailed documentation which is exactly what Vikram has done. Focussing on every nuance of the trek, he has charted out a reference for every trekker planning for ABC.

A big Congratulations to all our blog contest winners! And best wishes to all the participants smile

Keep Writing and Inspiring.


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Neelam Khanduri

While traversing the black and white I found wild is my color. Insta Handle: @mywildernessdiaries Read more

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