Gangotri III Peak
  • Small Team Size (Max 12)
  • IMF approved Expedition Leaders, Specially Trained in Emergency Procedures & First Aid Response
  • Mountaineering course qualified HAPs
  • Expeditions listed with IMF as per formal process
  • Adventure Activity Insurance
  • Learning Based Experience
  • Consistent & Transparent Cost Saving Principles

Gangotri III Peak

Gangotri Group of mountains is a subdivision of the Garhwal Himalaya in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. It rings the Gangotri Glacier, and contains peaks that are notable. The Gangotri groups of peaks are approached from Rudugaira Bamak (Glacier) and stand next to one another at the height of – Gangotri - I 6672m, Gangotri - II 6590m and Gangotri - III 6577m.

1 Himalayan Range Garhwal
2 Altitude & Coordinates 6577 M, 78°51', 30°54'
3 Grade Challenging
4 Prior Experience 2 High Altitude Treks above 4000 M in last 2 years.Mountaineering Courses Preferable.
5 Personal Equipment Snow Climbing Shoes
Down Jacket
Down Pants
Sleeping Bag
Wind Proof Suit
Adjustable Crampons
Ice Axe
Avalanche Beacons
6 Shared Safety Equipment Rope-Climbing & Fixed
Rock Pitton
Ice Pitton
Wire Ladder
Walkie Talkie
Dead Man/Boy
7 Camping Equipment Dome Tent
Kitchen Tent
Toilet Tent
Kitchen Equipment

Expedition Fee


Gangotri to Gangotri

GST @ 5% is applicable on the fee.

* Expedition can be booked by paying Rs 40000/-. Full payment is required atleast 60 days before the departure date.
* After you have made the booking, our team will get in touch with you. In case in their assessment, you do not fulfill the criteria for this expedition, your booking will be cancelled with 100% refund.
* Expedition will only be organized if the total team size is 4 or More. 100% payment will be refunded in case the expedition is cancelled due to less particiipation.


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Add ons

Expedition Dates

02-06-2018 - 16-06-2018(Open)
01-09-2018 - 15-09-2018(Open)
22-09-2018 - 06-10-2018(Open)


Day 1 - Assembly of team in Gangotri.

Arrive in Gangotri by the evening and check in to hotel rooms. The day will be spent in knowing each other well and finalizing some logistics for the expedition.

Day 2 - Equipment Testing & Distribution. Stay in Gangotri.

Today we test the equipment for size, fitting, etc. Personal equipment would be tagged and issued to each participant. Evening will be spent in arranging or final packing for the start on the next day morning.

Day 3 - Gangotri to Nala camp

As most of the porter loads should be sorted on the previous day, the team could start early at 0730 Hrs. It should take 45 mins to get to the Rudugaira river from where one can start the steep ascend through the forest towards Nala camp. Pack lunch for the day. The camping site is quite nice & beautiful with easy access to running water. Camp site is situated on lush green meadow on the true left bank of Rudugaira river at appx. 12000 Ft. altitude.

Day 4 - Nala camp to Mt. Gangotri B.C

We start early morning today, around 0800 Hrs. The first stretch of the trail would be through meadows with small streams coming down from the lower slopes of Rudugaira peak. The middle portion is a steep climb of around 1 – 1.5 hrs through grassy slopes to the traditional Base Camp site of the Rudugaira Peak. From here we leave the grassy fields behind and cross the unnamed Glacier coming down from the Col of Mt. Gangotri – I & Mt. Rudugaira. It should take around 6 – 8 Hrs to reach our Base Camp Site (It is situated on a flat ground at the left lateral moraine, next to the confluence of Rudugaira Glacier & the unnamed Glacier.)

Day 5 - Rest at base camp/ Acclimtization for higher camp

We split the team today, experienced members of the group would go and do a quick recce of the area while the other members stay back at the base for re- organising the entire expedition load. With the recce and past experience of the leader and guide, we would decide on which route would form our plan A for the climb attempt. Also, the tentative location of Camp 1 would be established.

Day 6 - Load ferry to ABC.

The team would distribute load that needs to be shifted to the next camp (ABC or Camp 1 depending upon the plan). Some members like low altitude porter and cook stays back to augment the base camp logistics. Target of the day is to set up the ABC/Camp1 and stuff our required items safely. Setup should be complete by noon and the team should get back to Base camp by mid-afternoon/early evening.

Day 7 - Occupy ABC/Camp 1

The team moves ahead today, along with some more items & staff that would come back to Base Camp by end of the day. All of us have lunch at the ABC/Camp 1 and the members who need to go back leave by noon. Usually the repeat journey, after load ferry, is easier. In the afternoon we would go for acclimatization walk & gain a height of at least 500 Ft to recede the same. We would try and get this walk with our climbing boots on as Camp 1 is situated on moraine covered with a good patch of snow.

Day 8 - Route Opening & Load ferry to Summit Camp

Target of the day is to set up Summit Camp and stuff our required items safely there. From here, the days would completely depend upon weather windows available.

Day 9 - Occupy Summit Camp

Target of the day is to move to Summit Camp with Leader, Guide and climbing team. Some of our team members would stay back to pray for us till we summit and come back.

Day 10 - Summit attempt

A typical good day would be when we have clear sky before the dawn and we start at around 0300 – 0400 Hrs for the final summit climb. As said earlier, weather, team condition, and abilities would determine everything during any Summit Attempt day.

Day 11- Reserve day (bad weather)

To compensate for any of the days (7/8/9/10)

Day 12 - Reserve day ( bad weather)

To compensate for any of the days (7/8/9/10)

Day 13 - Back to ABC/Camp 1

This journey can either be made after a successful attempt or a failed one but no matter what, the memories would be cherished & experience would be unforgettable for a lifetime. The staff that stayed behind for us would welcome with something nice & mostly surprising :)

Day 14 - Back to Base Camp

Trace back the trail to meet full team at the Base camp today. Relax and have some fun. This should be the best time.

Day 15

Return back to Gangotri